PHCC Fall 2013 hopefuls

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    Just wanted to see who all is applying for any program in the fall.

    I'm going to be applying for the generic RN and LPN program for backup.

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    Hi I am finishing my prereqs now. I plan to take the teas in July. I have not really started studying yet. This test is very intimidating, for me atleast. I never took chemistry or algebra years ago in high school. I did pass elementary algebra at phcc, but that was almost 10 years ago. I think the best plan for me is to study like a maniac, take the teas to see where I'm at, then decide to apply to a program, or to take intro to Chem and intermediate algebra. Depending on how I score will depend on how this plays out.
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    Hello! I am applying for the RN program in the fall. I turned in my application to both PHCC and SPC. We have a long wait until the end of June. Was totally freaking out but I have decided not to...I did my best with a 3.77 GPA and an advanced score on the TEAS. How did you do?
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    nice! i am applying as well - I just took the TEAS on Tuesday and got advanced as well. 82.7%. 3.77 GPA - I got a 4.0 on my prereqs this semester but had Psych from back in the day and got a B then. Good luck, I hope we both make it!
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    and yes the TEAS was intimidating, especially the science part of it. I'm sure you'll do fine
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    I am applying to Lpn
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    I have been with PHCC for 9 years now. I finished my AA with a 3.5 this semester and my prereq GPA is 3.3. I have a proficient on the TEAS right now but I'm retaking it this Friday and hopefully it will be better. I am an LPN so it will be for the RN Bridge. Hoping and Praying
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    I just finished my pre-reqs for the LPN to RN bridge. Still have to take the TEAS which means I only have one chance at it! Kinda nervous about that! Any advice on taking it?? If I get a proficient score, then I will apply for fall term.
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    I went through this program and loved it! Great professors, clinical sites, and opportunities. Make sure you all apply elsewhere if you can so as to not "put all the eggs in one basket." HCC, PHCC, SPC, USF, and UT are the likely others classes may count towards. Good luck!
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    I am applying for fall RN program. My pre-req GPA is 3.78 and my TEAS score is 81.3 (advanced). Just wondering how I compare to other applicants.

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