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Hello! I was wondering if anyone has attended this school for the LPN program. Did you like it? What was the hardest part?? Is it possible to have a normal life while trying to become an LPN??? Im... Read More

  1. by   xoCrash
    I will have all of the VCC nursing pre-reqs done by the time I start at OTech. Will I end up doing a lot of sitting around then? :-/
  2. by   peachpower
    not a lot, just the A&P. have you applied for generic track at valencia? they have an option where you can get your rn/bsn concurrently which we were not eligible for in avs.
  3. by   xoCrash
    There's a 2 year wait list right now for general track after you apply.. And I can do my pre-reqs, do the OTech LPN and do the AVS LPN-RN in the time it would take to wait to start the general track.
  4. by   peachpower
    that was our (mine and my bff) train of thought too. go get it, girl <3
  5. by   Rachel7667
    Hi guys! I just finished an AA at Valencia and am weighing out my options for furthering schooling. I think I might look into the LPN program but I was wondering how long it took any of you. I have 2 daughters and am wanting to do something that takes relatively a shorter amount of time than finishing my BA. Could you tell me how long it took you and what all schooling you had before you began?
  6. by   Happy.Nurselet
    No matter what education you have going in, everyone goes through the same program at the same pace, more or less. It takes 12-13 months. You are in class 5 days a week from 745-225 with variations for clinical days. The latest I ever got out was 3:50. The program is good, structured, and set up to change the way you think. That's a painful process, be prepared. You'll learn to prioritize because there is too much to do. You'll learn what it feels like to say "I don't have enough to do. Something isn't right." And you'll learn to function in a state of overwhelming stress. You'll appreciate all of that later.