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Orlando Tech (LPN Program) - page 5

Hello! I was wondering if anyone has attended this school for the LPN program. Did you like it? What was the hardest part?? Is it possible to have a normal life while trying to become an LPN??? Im... Read More

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    I will have all of the VCC nursing pre-reqs done by the time I start at OTech. Will I end up doing a lot of sitting around then? :-/
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    not a lot, just the A&P. have you applied for generic track at valencia? they have an option where you can get your rn/bsn concurrently which we were not eligible for in avs.
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    There's a 2 year wait list right now for general track after you apply.. And I can do my pre-reqs, do the OTech LPN and do the AVS LPN-RN in the time it would take to wait to start the general track.
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    that was our (mine and my bff) train of thought too. go get it, girl <3