New grad position in S. Florida???

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    Why are there no new graduate positions!!! a million job openings not one new graduate opening work so hard to get thru a BSN program, graduate top of your class and no one will take you....its so sad many of us are in this position....

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    I live in SoFlo also. I have not landed an hospital job either. Many RN positions, several interviews. But still no job. Must have experience is all I see online. It's a shame. Such hardwork in school and no job. If experience is everything, then employers should require no education and simply do on the job training (ha). I'm sorry for being sarcastic, but I've been through the depression, self-motivation speeches and even considering changing careers. I'm at my witts end. Best wishes
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    Your post is as if posted by me! Army here I come.
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    amen to that. I did an LPN program and for the year i spent waiting to get into an RN program, I couldnt find a single job even though there were openings everywhere!! I am optimistic about finding a job as an RN but it's hard to see the glass half full when it seems like all new grads are on the same boat. how are we supposed to get experience if you don't give us a job?! It's like if you don't have family or close friends in the biz then you just gotta get lucky, which is exactly what I am hoping for.
    best of luck to you, i hope you find what you are looking for =)
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    i guess im not moving to FL. i'm in the same boat in NYC. NO jobs for new grads. I graduated in 2010 and still no job!
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    keep searching, i was in the same boat in NJ/PA. i graduated from PA with bsn back in december 2009, got my license in nj, pa, ny in 2010. wasnt able to find an acute care hospital job till march of 2011. i was working the flu shot clinic with mollen, and this agency at an adult day care facility which was sporadic. dont give up, you will get that job!!! keep your head up and dont quit, you didnt go through school for nothing, it might feel like that right now, i been through the emotions your going through, so i understand. best of luck to all of you. maybe consider changing location? Peace Corps? Army?
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    thanks for everyone on these threads.. I feel I have gone through every emotional stage & back again because u work so hard to get the bsn behind your name, work even harder to get the rn, & then no job. i even thought i nailed an interview because the woman said how well I did, if I was willing to relocate soon, & how fast i would be able to get my licensure endorsed to fl.. but obviously i have not heard back yet! I continue to be optimistic about this whole hiring process.. it can just be emotionally draining at times. good luck to everyone!
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    south florida is really hard right now. I was lucky enough to get a job down here right after graduation but that wasn't so for several of my other friends. My nurse manager explained to me that in the summer hospital censuses are really low so they can't affor dto hire new people, especially new grads. And that it's really expensive for the hospital, especially the training for new grads. She also said now that fall is here pt numbers are starting to pick up (snow birds are coming back) and hospitals are gearing up for the winter. We just hired 2 more new grads on my floor last week! She encouraged me to tell all my other new grads to not stop trying that things will def pick up in the next few weeks to a month. And that even if it doesnt say new grad to still apply. All of our RN positions say "experience preferred" on the descriptions, but my unit hires A LOT of new grads. :-) Best of luck!
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    What hospital are u at?
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    Im in the district (broward health) All of the hospitals in the district are really great :-)
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