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I got offered a position here for there new grad program (neuro/teley). My concern is many people say Delray sucks. It even got the nickname, "Hell-ray." Therefore, I need some input from people who actually work there. Please... Read More

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    Hi AheleneLPN!
    Need your input, please. I'm going for an interview tomorrow at 2 pm at Delray. However, I just saw the comments about this hospital. I'm nervous now, but I'm going to try the interview which is supposed to be a 12-member panel interview and 3 other new grads.

    Have you heard from other grads what type of questions they ask during this intereview?

    Also, do you know if the specialty units (ICU, ER) have the same problems as Tele units where due to one reason of another people are really unhappy? I'm afraid Tele is probably where I will end up if they offer a job.

    Thanks in advance for any info you can share!

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    The floors at Delray (Deathray, Hellray) are poorly run, poorly managed and poorly staffed.
    Of course, it's a TENET hospital so not much of a surprise really.

    Good luck, and as a previous poster commented, if you can survive Delray with your license intact, you can work anywhere.
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    Delray is not a facility I recommend working at. At least not on a telemetry floor. The nurse to patient ratio sucks. Day shift gets 6 patients, nights get 8. 90% of the time you don't have enough aids on the floor, so your stuck doing everything yourself. Everyone in the higher up positions pretend to pity you and be supportive, but all they care about is making money. Scheduling days you want to work, never happens. Forget trying to have a decent social life. That hospital runs their employees to the grave. The only reason it receives so many awards is because the people who are stuck there, by a contract, fight every shift to cover their ass and protect their license.
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    Hey. I don't know how it is now but six years ago i was a new grad and started there on a tele floor. My preceptor sucked and they only wanted to give me a six week Orientation back then. One day I decided not to go back it was too stressful as very unhappy I then went to A different sysytem and started in a ER and was happy. There are a lot of things I would've done different now looking back. Good luck to you
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    First floor got flooded a month or two ago.
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    I have worked at Delray Medical Center for nearly 3 years and can't recommend any of the tele floors.... especially not neuro tele. On a tele floor, you will have 6 patients during the day and 8 patients at night. On a step-down floor, you will have 4 patients during the day and 5 at night. You will be overworked and underappreciated. All units of the hospital are understaffed with RNs, CNAs, and secretaries. On an average shift, you will be working as the RN, CNA, and the secretary all at once so be prepared to multitask!

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