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:specs:We are currently thinking about moving to Florida from PA (tooo many taxes here!!!). My in laws live in Northport and seems like a nice place to live. Im looking into entering a nursing... Read More

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    Hello FL nurses. I know this is an old post, I was hoping to glean some info. I am planning a move down to the area (Port Charlotte, Sarasota) from Michigan in the summer '12. What is the job outlook for an RN with 5yrs experience? What is the pay scale, and shift differnetials, extra pay for weekends? What is the name of the hospital you are all working, and what are your impressions? Any info/advice is greatly appreciated. Currently in my area the pay is $21.50 for new grad. Can't wait for the Florida sun! Good luck to you in your careers!

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    Hello all Floridians! This is an old thread, but hope to keep it going. I moved from Lauderdale-By-The-Sea to Manasota Key two years ago and just went to the LPN orientation at SCTI and am planning on going to the info session at Chalotte Co Vo Tech (it has a new name) also to compare. Charlotte is so much closer, I am glad to read what others have said about it.
    I have been a vol at Tidewell for 2 yrs and am hoping to try for cna there also.

    Any updates on the job market in the area? Is it saturated? I have been told the census is way down. I am hoping to vol at Englewood Hosp this week. Thanks for any replies.

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