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OldMareLPN has 5 years experience and specializes in Hospice, ALF, Prison.

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  1. OldMareLPN

    Jobs, No Jobs, Career Options

    Perhaps it is the sections that I tend to look at (LPN, Private Duty, HomeCare), but I seem to be reading alot about there being no jobs for new nurses, that the new jobs you can get are pretty ucky and there is a general malaise in the professional. But don't worry, new nurses only last about 8 years. Huh? What nursing school did you go to? Mine told me that there was a nursing shortage, and that I was embarking upon a career that would make me feel like Florence Nightingale. And I would be forced to hire a financial manager because I was going to make fantastic money. Well I am still waiting for my lemons to taste like lemonade but I don't get what all the belly aching is about. I suspect I am a bit older than some but I have a hint. Your country needs you, and it is probably the best nursing experience out there you will ever build your career on. I am NOT talking about the VA system, although that is getting better, but I am talking about doing a few years in uniform. I wasn't a nurse when I was in boots (105 mm gun bunny) but I wish I was. My instructor was a army nurse and her command presence reflected it. If you have talked to someone about what military nursing offers new grads, please share it. I suspect you do not need to be a GI Jane to enlist but what are they looking for? Oh, and why isn't there some PSA's on this website that point visitors to a site offering more information about this career option?
  2. OldMareLPN

    Old New Grad Offered Corrections Position

    If you are considering corrections, please take a moment to go to youtube and look at all the videos you can find on corrections/nursing. I think this will give you a good overview. Also, look at sites that support the prisoner population and what they say about correctional nursing. You can also go to google and subscribe to get sent every news article about correctional nursing the day they appear. Finally a wise old nurse told me to remember that every prisoner already has a lawyer ready to sue you. Also, remember nurses in correctional nursing can not get individual insurance for a reason. Finally turn on cable and watch all the programs such as lockup and hard time, and see if the environment is for you. Good luck.
  3. OldMareLPN

    Nurses Notes(What do I write??)

    I suggest a book like MOSBY'S Surefire Documentation, How, What and When Nurses Need to Document. I have edition two and still reread it. You will develop your own style, until then make yourself some outline to follow, or keep notes while you work so you don't forget three hours later. If you read others notes, you will probably see a pattern (good or bad) that people use. You are correct to be concerned, as 'not documentated = not done'. I know of a case where lack of documentation caused a nurse to lose their license, very sad. Of course, remember there is a way to document, after the fact. You need to determine how your facility want it formatted and submitted. Also remember to develop a understanding of what not to document, which is also important. Good luck and keep plugging...
  4. OldMareLPN

    Im proud to be an LPN !

    Thoughts on the subject...... One of the free magazines you can subscribe free to (FloridaRN or something like it) had a cover last month proclaiming how some RN nurses are now getting in touch with their patients to improve their health. H-E-L-L-O isn't that called nursing? All those RN's who get called off due to low census in their hospital must have money trees in their back yards. The only calls I get is to work more hours. RN's might get more per hour, but I get the hours. As hospitals look to save money, watch the pendulum swing to staffing preference to LPN's for skilled patient care. The ANA is short sighted excluding LPNS's, but then again what does the ANA do. Give me the SEIU (sorry Glen). The two LPN organizations are ineffective in their efforts to communicate their message (which is what?), capture the enthusiasm of LPN's in the profession as displayed on this thread. Have you looked at their websites lately? Promoting the 2009 conventions and 1985 web sites. LPN's have a major role to play in the near future, whether it just be with the growing elderly population or in the new healthcare for all. Whether LPN leadership be in the hands of something like SEIU or ANA or some new entity is up in the air. Anyone who thinks LPN's are being phased out is probably a RN who bought the story.
  5. OldMareLPN

    Smelly Body Wipes

    A bit to the side of the topic but I had a interesting experience after a bed bath (not my bath but my patients). The complaint was made that I had done a poor job, that the patient continued to smell. Yes I was told the patient smelled. Well after a bit of research, I was interested to find that alot of medicine and health conditions make a individual have an odor. Like Diabetes, vanilla, etc. No wonder dogs can smell cancer.
  6. OldMareLPN

    What are the chances of being fired as a nurse?

    You will be fired as a nurse. But if it is because your patient care standards are higher than your bosses, or you refuse to take medical orders from a administrator, or you wont look the other way when favorite nurses are sleeping on the job, than consider your firing a badge of honor...and never let yourself become the nurse that will cut corners to do it their way. BEFORE your first job, go out and buy the little Mosely book about how to properly document. I think it is about 21 dollars. You will read it about 15 times and know why to document the way they suggest. Not only do they provide legal situations in which the documentation was important, but you will also fee better when you have documented something to represent your critical thinking and actions taken. Also, buy a little notebook to carry in which you can add hints you find in journals, here online or from your school books. I especially used my little notebook to accumulate hints and techniques to properly document patient assessments. (and use the proper terminology). Unfortunately in this business you can provide the best care during your shift, perhaps prevent a crisis, but if it is not documented it did not happen.....and you get fired. You do not have to document your satisfaction when knowing how your compassion and skills impacted someones life.
  7. OldMareLPN

    Walking away from nursing after 8 months

    Take a deep breath. Read alot of the historical postings on this website, and you will find many people who will NEVER again work in a nursing home again. Join the crowd, don't take it personal and remember you know how compassionate and skilled you are! You should look into homecare nursing. The pay and benefits are lousy but you truly get to use your nursing skills and should enjoy the 121 contact. There are sooooo many options outside of nursing homes so give yourself a break and find the right fit. Be safe, happy and compassionate.
  8. OldMareLPN

    Hate/Love Relationship with Nursing

    6 mos snf cna 6 mos hospice cna 6 mos alf 1.5 yr corrections Corrections is great, but just passing 300 meds a shift got tedious, and painful on my feet. Time for a change!
  9. OldMareLPN

    Hate/Love Relationship with Nursing

    Two years ago, my instructor told me I was best suited for home health. Well I am finally going to follow her advice! I hope it approaches the satisfaction I felt working for hospice within a LPN frame. My wife has installed a gps monitor on my truck that sets it on fire if I approach the parking lot of a nursing home! I start in earnest tomorrow to seek that type of position, I hope I find it a fit for me. You've really been great and I think I finally have my mojo back in order. Thanks!
  10. OldMareLPN

    Hate/Love Relationship with Nursing

    THANKS! I am so glad I am not the only one.
  11. OldMareLPN

    Hate/Love Relationship with Nursing

    Oh pagandeva2000, thank you so much for response, I feel like I got a hug when I really needed it. Someone understands. Much, much thanks. Just gotta find the right fit.....
  12. OldMareLPN

    Hate/Love Relationship with Nursing

    I have come to realize that I have a Hate/Love relationship with nursing. Being a LPN is all about the 30/20 problem. You can't put 30 pounds of po*p in a 20 pound bucket. Nursing in school was all about patient care, in the field it is all about documentation, cya and staying off the radar. Nurse encouragement is a backhand slap across the face and a write up. Going to work is 8 hours of fear, intimidation and accusations. 10 hours of work in 8 hours is not a exception but an expectation. Punch out and finish your work, or get written up for casual overtime. What happened to patient care? Professionalism, respect for the nurse, effective leadership, teamwork, pursuit of intellectual andskill improve, compassion for the patient. Why is picking up something off the floor has become a piece of earth to be fought over. Why not just pick it up. So many nurses told me to forget nursing when I was a CNA. Now I know why. Being a CNA was great.
  13. OldMareLPN

    Feast or Famine / Private Duty in South Fl.

  14. First it is not truly CMA. You are performing as a advocate for your patient, from me you get respect for that. You are correct in being aware of limiting your own liability in these situations. If you visually assess a patient, and then send them to medical, you should still complete a SOAP form ... regardless of what you expect the charge nurse will or will not do. You are documenting why and what you saw and why you decided to send the inmate to medical. If you do not need prior approval to send a IM to medical, just send them with the CO. If they are refused it is on the charge. If you do not get the needed permission, complete the SOAP and under plan indicate you were refused permission to send the IM to medical and then something like 'Charge nurse consulted and IM instructed to complete Sick Catll 'security to monitor', 'IM given sick call' under P. Remember to 'bite your tongue' and stick to black and white facts. I hate hearing 'can I show you', 'will you look at', or 'what do you think' while I do my med pass. I say 'NO, don't show me, here is a sick call'. If a inmate wants to go to medical I tell them it is between them and the CO and really try to stay out of it, regardless of the charge telling me to 'assess them'. Sure let me assess you with my tylenol and A&D ointment. Are you breathing. NO? Well go to medical. Best of luck
  15. Alot of what is good about working for a particular company, depends upon the nursing running the site. A great company with a lousy HSA is a lousy place to work and vice versa. good luck! OldMare
  16. If you are thinking about Nursing in a Correctional Setting, or maybe just about to start, this is a great video (9 minutes long). Although it is a PR type video, it does give a good feel for the business. Of course it does not show having to respond to a inmate hanging, tasing, pepper spray, or barf feast. That is best done in person. :chuckle Jeff

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