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So I'm starting the post for Spring 2014. I'm currently waiting for my acceptance letter for fall term but just in case applying for spring is my back up plan. So my GPA is 3.0 and my teas is 72 giving me a score around 73. ... Read More

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    Hi Twilliams,

    I haven't graduated yet lol. I'm a little more than halfway done (since I'm in the part-time track which takes forever).

    I know there is a "G" drive folder on the school computers where you can look up teachers and stuff like their syllabus and any powerpoints they may have. Unfortunately I believe the school is closed for this week. But honestly, I would enjoy your free time now cause you won't have any once school starts. I was like you in the beginning, I wanted to read ahead but trust me, enjoy your break.

    Intro to Nursing Math/Pharm is really easy and you have a good teacher. I wouldn't sweat about that class. The skills lab is fairly easy as well. Fundies and Health Assessment will be a little more of a challenge but definitely doable.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask

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    Hello everyone,

    Is there a facebook group for the Generic FT Homestead c/o '15?
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    I have a question concerning SimChart Access code. In that sheet they gave us during orientation that states what is in the packet, it says within asterisks that "All students are required to have SimChart 1 year Access Code- (EHR) Accesscode that is in this bundle*. I'm wondering if I really need the one in this bundle or can I just purchase the one sold separately form the bookstore? Also, since money is an issue can I just but they 6 month one and then another 6 month one down the road?
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    Oh my I'm so nervous but at the same time soo excited I can't fall asleep. Anyone has fundamentals at 9 am tomorrow with ------- and/or math/pharmacology with ------also over at Homestead?
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    Hi congrats to everyone that got accepted :-)I'm currently finishing up my pre reqs at MDC. I plan on applying for the fall semester. I have a cumulative gap of 2.7 and have a science gpa of they look at the overall gpa or just the science gpa?
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    They look at youre science GPA and the results of the entrance exam and combine both scores.
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    Hello I graduated from MDC accelerated program..I am selling nursing textbooks and NCLEX review materials..PM me!
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    To Twillims, sorry for the late reply, but maybe this may help someone else that reads this forum and subject. Usually the professors will not email you the syllabus until the week before, if they even do that at all, or until you start. However, if you already know who they are, you can try to catch them in their office. For the most part, the professors are very approachable, and you can tell them just that what you posted -- that you want to take advantage of the holiday break and review somethings to help you along, however, please make sure you do spend time with family and friends on your break, nursing is challenging and tough classes are about to come and this requires so much of your time already.

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