MDC new requirements Spring 2011 - page 15

Is anyone here going for Mami Dade College ASN program for Spring 2011. they have new requirements, TEAS test and gpa based SOLELY on natural science gpa the science gpa will be all anatomy, micro lecture, and chem lect + lab.... Read More

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    hey dea I just PM you =)

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    Quote from dea089
    Hi Sheeco, I don't know of anyone who has taken that class online but I'm taking it this summer. Did u already finish it? I'm not sure but it seems like u were enrolled for that online class and were wondering if someone else was also enrolled in it...?? The class I'm enrolled in starts next week (but not online), it's at the med campus.


    I am taking HSC003 online and wanted to know if anyone else was enrolled as well. Its 6 weeks and its going by so fast and the midterm is 13 chp.'s which is crazy.


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