Keiser University for Nursing???

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    Hi. I am new to Florida. I am a LVN/LPN with a license from California. The process to to get my license transferred has be a hassle. While looking for jobs, I wasn't finding anything I wanted, but I kept coming across tons of RN jobs. I've made the decision to go back for my RN. I did very poorly in my first years of college (10 years ago) and because of this my overall GPA is so poor that I will not be able to get in to any of the community colleges nursing programs. I did my LVN/LPN through a career college. It was more expensive, but they took me regardless of my previous college experience. I ended up having the top GPA in my class at the career college. Anyway...I'm expecting to have to go to a private/career college such as Keiser as they will take anyone as long as you pay, but I wanted to know if it is a good choice or would I be better off going to the community college and get a degree in health care administration and giving up on nursing. Do hospitals hire graduates from Keiser? Do most local hospitals want bachelor degree nurses instead of associate? Any answers will help!

    I live in Lakeland and I am interested in the Keiser in Lakeland Fl.
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    I would at least make an attempt at PSC before I went the Keiser route. You never know. The TEAS score weighs more than your GPA in their points system, so you might be able to make up for a low GPA with a really good TEAS. I know several people who have! Their transition option is on their Lakeland campus too. Im taking intro in winter haven right now. You might need a few prereqs at Polk too, which gives you the chance to raise your GPA. A $40-50k associates degree would definitely be my last resort. Good luck in whatever you decide!
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    Hello I would try to go to Polk if possible but if not don't worry you can get a job even if you have to attend a private school. I did and it was never an issue with me
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    I'm currently at Keiser in Tampa but start the nursing program in January. Please do not give up - especially if this is something you are passionate about. You could always go into the community college and just have them view your unofficial transcripts to see what they say. I have joined Keiser because I can start sooner and finish much faster than waiting to get into my community college. And depending on what kind of classes you've taken in the past, it will not cost you $40k - comments like this are so annoying to read. Keiser offer's academic scholarships if you keep your GPA up, ton of scholarships to apply for and depending on your financial situation you could get pell grants...and before you know it you're student loans are just as much as someone who went to community college and you'll be done much faster with a great education. When you do get hired on after school, just pickup some extra overtime shifts and the loans will be paid off in no time - all while whoever entered community college at the same time is still trying to find a job.

    Of course this is just my opinion - but always have someone tell you that you can't get into the community college than ASSume that you can't.

    Good Luck!
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    It costs about $15k to get an ADN from PSC. This includes uniforms, books, prereqs and core classes. Much cheaper than the other option now matter how you work it. That was my point...cheaper! Of course it can be less than $40k, but it is never cheaper than PSC. Definitely let the school tell you no themselves before you try other options because you think they wont have you.
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    @ [COLOR=#003366]stephalina6[/COLOR] I am also a student at keiser in tampa and will be starting my clinicals in January as well.

    But yes honestly the tuition is not as bad as some schools. I got accepted into NYU nursing and the tution alone was 70k!!! Atleast the tution at keiser includes books, uniforms, and equipment. And personally I think 30k is insanely cheap.

    Also if you do have to get student loans which is more than likely there are many programs through the the government or hospital that will pay off your student loans or a percentage of them provided you dedicate work or etc with them. Yea i think it is an amazing trade off. In addition keiser financial aid is very helpful there are numerous scholarships you can apply for.

    of course its not as cheap as community college nothing is as cheap as a community college school but Ive heard horror stories of how insanlely long the waiting list are for community college nursing throughout the state of Florida. we are talking 2 plus years of waiting list.
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    Keiser's nursing program helps them keep their overall school accreditation. They are more expensive than public schools but they are easier to get into, they have a shorter degree period time, and they have more application rotations than other schools. We are in Tallahassee and have access to Florida State, FAMU, Tallahassee Community College and even Southwest Georgia Technical College but I still end up recommending Keiser to some students depending on their situation. TCC can get 600 applications per year for approximately 60 spots. If a student had a rough few semesters early on, it will haunt them when applying next to someone that has had great grades and test scores the entire time. It also helps that Keiser's core nursing program is only 16 months versus 24. How much money can you make as an RN with an extra 8 months and that is not including the waiting list ramp up time for many of the public colleges. All of that being said, Keiser is not for everyone. If they do not think you can handle the nursing program (and sometimes even if they do, but because they want the money) they will steer you towards the Medical Assisting first to "get your feet wet" or "see if this is a field you want to work in" and it will take three times as long to get through and cost you a lot more. If you know what you want and can truly educate yourself to do what you need to do, then Keiser can be the place for you. It all comes down to you and your situation and less about the school itself.

    All that being said, try to get your pre-req's via somewhere cheaper and then go to Keiser. They won't be thrilled but they will accept them.