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Jobs for New RN's

  1. 0 i am a new rn in central florida and cant find a job in a hospital anywhere. i am willing to relocate. if anyone knows of a hospital anywhere hiring new rn's please let us know. thanks to all for your input
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    This seems amazing to me. Do you mean anywhere in a hospital or no jobs period for a grad nurse?
    I would keep trying and keep applying. Good luck to you.
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    FT, PT, Benefited Float Pool and PRN opportunities may be available at the following campuses:

    Cape Coral Hospital
    Gulf Coast Medical Center
    Health Park Medical Center
    Lee Memorial Hospital
    Southwest Regional Hospital

    Positions may also be available at Health Park Care Center and Lee Memorial Home Health

    Responsible for the delivery and documentation of patient care through the nursing process of assessment, diagnosing, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Performs responsibilities in five areas of nursing practice: clinician, teacher, researcher, leadership and professional development. Responsible for directing and coordinating nursing care for patients based on established clinical nursing practice standards subscribed to by American Nursing Association and in accordance with the Florida Nurse Practice Act. Collaborates with other professional disciplines to ensure effective and efficient patient care delivery and the achievement of desired patient outcomes. Supports the organization vision and mission. Uses knowledge of patient's age and cultural diversity into the provision of patient care. Contributes to the provision of quality nursing care through excellence in customer service and performance improvement techniques that demonstrate positive outcomes in patient care.


    Education: Graduate of an accredited school of professional nursing.

    Experience: None required. Qualified individuals will successfully complete the competency assessment.

    License: Currently licensed or eligible for RN licensure in the State of Florida

    Other: Communication and interpersonal skills, basic computer skills, and customer service skills required.
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    WoW Thank you sooo much. I will check them out right away.
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    Quote from Preeps
    This seems amazing to me. Do you mean anywhere in a hospital or no jobs period for a grad nurse?
    I would keep trying and keep applying. Good luck to you.

    Its amazing to me as well. Just a year ago I was offered sign on bonuses once I graduated, now I cant even get my foot in the door in a hospital.
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    There seem to be a few RN positions for new grads at Orlando Health. I think they were posted sometime this week, as I don't think they were there last week.

    Continue to keep checking hospitals on the west coast as well - like in Hillsborough and Pinellas County. Some hospitals hired a lot of new grads right after all the graduations in May, so they are not hiring right now, but a few of them told me to check back later (like a month or so).

    I wish you the best!
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    I stay in Cleveland, Oh and I'm dealing with the same problem.
    It seems as if no one is hiring new grads now...
    I was looking to relocate to FL or GA, but I see this problem
    is everywhere.
    Well, good luck!
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    Fort Pierce, FL (near west palm)

    Graduate Nurse Mentorship Program, October 2009(Job Number: 00102-)

    Florida-South Florida-Lawnwood Regional Medical Cntr-St. Lucie County Schedule: Full-time

    Position Summary:
    The Registered Nurse (RN) will provide a comforting, safe and healing environment for patients and their families. The RN must be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in the care of his/her patients. Each department and service area may also require specialized skills. The delivery of care is based on criteria that is age appropriate and is based on the physical, psychosocial, cultural, safety and learning needs of the individual patient. The RN may rotate to other areas other than his/her normally assigned service area/s, and will perform only those duties for which he/she has demonstrated competency The RN performs duties consistent with his/her scope of practice and functions within the philosophy and overall plan of care delivery. The RN must have the capacity to foster a positive work environment, be professional and display positive support of the organization. The RN cares for patients across the lifespan, ranging in age from infant to geriatric.


    Licensure/Certification/Registration: Current Registered Nurse License, current BLS certification, and other certification requirements to work in specialized departments. Graduate Nurses may beging working with GN Status and ATT (Authorization to Test)

    Education: Graduate of an Accredited School of Nursing; BSN desirable.

    Experience: Previous experience as CNA, Nurse tech, and or any healthcare related field preferred

    Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: Demonstrates good organizational skills. Provides safe and appropriate patient care. Displays appropriate judgment and problem solving skills. Communicates positively and professionally with all internal and external customers. Maintains patient confidentiality.
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    I just got offered a travel position in the PCU at Lee Memorial Hospital in Ft. Myers FL. Does anyone have any info on what it is like? I don't want to take the assignment if it has crappy conditions.
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    A friend of mine says the are really look in Pensacola. Not sure of the hospital name though
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    Seems that ft myers/cape coral area has the jobs

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