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Planning to apply for this summer term. I dont know much about what actually goes on. Just wondering for the people who are in it or who have taken it already, what did you do and learn semester... Read More

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    Quote from FLmomof5
    I work 40 hours per week +. My YOUNGEST is 17.5 yo. My hubby is in Afghanistan, so I don't get help from him! LOL. But during first term (eve/we program) you will spend 1 hr @ north campus on Mondays for your weekly test....then T-Th in class from 6 - 9 PM, Sat 8 - 3 (I think) in techniques and then clinicals. The remaining terms, it is 1 night per week from 6 - 10 PM (Tuesday or Thurs) with occasional Monday for a test and then SOME weekends are taking up with clinicals....until the fourth term where nearly ALL weekends (Sat and Sun) are clinicals.
    I am so impressed - that is a lot of work and responsibility. Did you work 40 hours a week during Term I?!
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    Yes. I have bills to pay so I did not have the luxury of not working.
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    Quote from FLmomof5
    Yes. I have bills to pay so I did not have the luxury of not working.

    Did you graduate last night? I was there, my friend was getting pinned. =) Small class you guys had.
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    Yep, I was there! There were 88 graduates. Summer classes are usually small.
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    I completely agree that there really is no way to studsy for the NAT. You either no it or you don't. Once you take it, you will get a feel for the questions they ask and if you don't do good you can take it again. The keep your highest scores.
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    I disagree with LINJO1184, there are plenty of sites offering quick, and free, guides for the NAT. Just google what you are looking for. Furthermore, It seemed to me that the second time i took the NAT, most of my questions were the same are the first test. So if you have the time I suggest taking it twice (with 90 days between each testing of course) and see how well you do! Good luck!
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    I'm applying for the Spring semester at FSCJ. Does the AS program take 1 year or 2? I wasn't sure if 'terms' meant semester or something else when referring to the Nursing program.

    ALSO... I have dental experience but that's not an option on the application under 'health related work experience'. Does it count?

    I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but anytime I go to the office to ask questions about financial aid or my application, the staff there always give such vague answers as if they have no clue.
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    The program takes 4 semesters which is about 16 months. I know they are in the middle of overhauling the program so things could change. As far as points for experience, I don't think I've heard of anything being given for the dental field, mainly just for LPN, paramedics, etc. The best person to ask would be Cheryl James in the nursing office since she is the one who does the nursing program admissions.