How is the FCCJ/FSCJ RN program? - page 4

Planning to apply for this summer term. I dont know much about what actually goes on. Just wondering for the people who are in it or who have taken it already, what did you do and learn semester by semester? Also, how... Read More

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    I completely agree that there really is no way to studsy for the NAT. You either no it or you don't. Once you take it, you will get a feel for the questions they ask and if you don't do good you can take it again. The keep your highest scores.

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    I disagree with LINJO1184, there are plenty of sites offering quick, and free, guides for the NAT. Just google what you are looking for. Furthermore, It seemed to me that the second time i took the NAT, most of my questions were the same are the first test. So if you have the time I suggest taking it twice (with 90 days between each testing of course) and see how well you do! Good luck!

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