How do I get an interview at a hospital as a new graduate RN in South Florida??

  1. I finally passed my NCLEX (yay!) here in south Florida and thought the hard part was over, lol! i kinda didnt realize how hards it was to find mu first job as a RN!! I have been applying for a few months and sending resumes to every opening I see!! I wonder should I go in person to HR? Or maybe call, email? I also don't want to seem too desperate but I'm not sure what the proper way to go about this is!! Any advice?? How did you guys get into your first hospital position?? Thanks!
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  3. by   kht124
    Eeek, this is what I was afraid of. I originally wanted to move to florida after school, until I heard about the job market overthere...not very good. I am still a student and haven't started to look for an RN job yet; however, I have been trying to get an icu job as a tech and it had been rough.

    I think your best chance is to search for a job in other cities and other states. Try to network, go to job fairs (I am going tomorrow), expand your friend circle (get to know more people in the healthcare field), volunteer, get a non-hospital job while searching for a hospital job... Best of luck
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    The 'yay', 'lol', and etc. made me see you in a certain...light.
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    Quote from SuzieVN
    The 'yay', 'lol', and etc. made me see you in a certain...light.
    I usually write like that in my personal interactions but at work am very professional. Unless this person is speaking like that, no harm no foul
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    Quote from SuzieVN
    The 'yay', 'lol', and etc. made me see you in a certain...light.
    I find it funny how SuzieVN is always commenting on how terrible it is when "nurses eat their young" yet she is the first one to post degrading comments like this to nurses around the AN boards. Quite hypocritical if you ask me.

    Congratulations to the OP!
  7. by   Morainey
    It's not being desperate! Calling and emailing is being proactive. Think of all the other people who applied and never bothered to follow up, what does that say to the person going through loads of applications? Also, I have found that when I call to follow up and actually talk to a human being, they can give you a little insight into the hiring situation, such as "we're not hiring any new grads right now", or "in two weeks we're going to open up a lot of positions". In this job market, you can't not be assertive.
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    I think the way you write shows your personality, and I think it's great! Seen as this is a forum where we are speaking to or seeking advice from to our peers and not applying for a job, I'm not exactly sure where Suzie is going with that.

    Anyways, keep it up with the determination you you are displaying. The only other advice I can give is apply elsewhere and get some experience under your belt then go at it again.

    Good luck!!
  9. by   nrodriz33428
    Thank you everyone for your advice! And yes obviously I know when I need to be professional the lol's and yay's are not appropriate!! I will definitely keep trying and calling and emailing in hopes if finding the right job for me!! Thank you all!
  10. by   cdscmb
    Be open to the possibility of moving within the state, even if it is only for a year or two to get some experience. I applied to a few positions, but I lucked out because one of my nursing instructors knew one of the recruiters in Orlando very well. Unfortunately, sometimes it really does come down to who you know. Were you able to make any good hospital contacts while in your clinicals/practicum?

    I personally don't think that showing up in person to drop off resumes helps, but I do think you should be applying for anything/everything available online. Take what you can get to start and typically after a year or so, you can move within organizations. Look specifically for new grad programs, most hospitals have them, but may only hire for them at certain times. Good luck!