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Hello, I plan to attend to HCC's 2013 fall evening nursing program. (applying in Jan) I am curious to see what people people's gpa is going in. I hear spring's is lower than fall's. Thanks!... Read More

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    Hello everyone!!! I just want to let you all know that I got my admittance letter for the LPN-RN transition program starting this summer (yaayyyy!!). I'm guessing that means you all will be getting your letter soon for Fall start! GOOOOOOOD LUCK!!!!
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    Thanks for the update Nurse Rae and Congrats to you
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    CONGRATS! Is the transition program tough to get into? I may go that route if things don't work out.
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    Does anybody know what kind of envelope to expect if we get accepted??? Big bulky one or single letter type?!?!?!
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    I saw on previous years' threads that it was a single letter type...may have changed though.
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    OMG I gonna flat line -----^^--
    Lol j/k but I am getting nervous ugh! Thanks for that update nurserae and congrats to you : )
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    Thank you!! It was in a standard, white envelope with a HCC' name in the top left corner. Below it there was a stamp in black ink which read, "Health Science Admissions Office." That's when I dropped all my belongings to the ground, held my breath, and opened my letter right there on the porch!! HAHA
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    I have been told that it's easy to get into the program, as long as you have a LPN license. However, I've read on past threads that some people have recieved denial and alternate letters for the program. I have a pretty good GPA, so I can't really say if it's easy or not. My overall GPA is 3.5 and my prereq GPA is 3.7.
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    I planned on taking the transition program myself, only the medic to RN. Just as my luck would have it, they decided not to offer it anymore. Hopefully, along with my 3.6, they will take into account my medic license and all the experience and certifications I have. Every little thing will help. HaHa
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    What the application deadline for the LPN to RN program?
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    oops...I meant to say "what was the app deadline for the LPN to RN pgm?"
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    Jheyder I'm sure they will take it into account!
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    La1717 it was January 15th, as well. That's why I assume you all will get your responses soon.