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Hello, I plan to attend to HCC's 2013 fall evening nursing program. (applying in Jan) I am curious to see what people people's gpa is going in. I hear spring's is lower than fall's. Thanks!... Read More

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    JPickett: Your question is very hard to answer because so much depends on where you are in your academic journey. You need 21 credits of pre-reqs to apply for the NP and they cost roughly $105 per credit hour. One might be able to complete those pre-reqs in three semesters, but that would be assuming that you tested straight into college algebra. If I were you, I would go have a sit down with a student advisor just to see where you stood. There is a plethora of information on HCC's website under the health science division. I hope this helps a little.

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    Hi everyone. I applied for the fall semester as well. I thought everything was going to be okay, but I've run into a snag. Did anyone else NOT take college algebra and took a higher math instead? I was told upon admission that my test scores were too high and I should not take college algebra, I was put into Pre-Calc. Of course, now the nursing applicant section under progress towards degree requirements says that my stuff is still in progress and that my math is not complete. So, anyone else have this issue ?
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    Unfortunately I'm not smart enough to have that problem, LOL!
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    Some people take higher math to trump their college algebra grade but to me if you tested out of college algebra you should be fine. It most likely says that in the system just bcus it's a requirement for nursing but they can also see in the system you tested out of it, it sounds like one of those things the system just didn't catch on to. I am complete opposite I started all the way from pre-algebra lol and it still feels like another language lmao, neways I think ur fine and good luck! I hope we both get in, I can still use a little help in math lol :-)
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    I am sooo eager to know if I got accepted!! Has anyone called and found out when exactly will they be sending the letters of acceptance?

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    I know how you feel about the waiting. Last year, they found out at the end of March, so I'm assuming we'll have to wait at least that long. They won't give any information about it if you call. Unfortunately, we just have to be patient. Between my kids and the 3 classes I'm taking right now, at least I'm keeping busy. But toward the middle of next month, I'll be checking the mailbox everybody!!
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    Thanks for your input. I tried to get a hold of Kristen Whited, the nursing advisor at the Dale Mabry campus but she hasn't returned my call yet. :/ I'm hoping she can just override the system so I stop freaking out. The system really needs to fix itself!
    I never really considered myself to be good in math (at least not in high school), when I came here and I took a math class with Mr. Vorder-Bruegge I actually understood it so if you still have math you have to take try and take one of his classes.
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    So, here we are almost 2 months since application deadline. I wonder when we can expect to hear something. According to the thread for Fall 2012, the letters were received at the end of March. I haven't thought much about it since December, when I dropped off my app, but am now becoming anxious. I am taking 3 classes right now to finish my AA, but they are fairly easy classes and not enough to keep my mind off this. Anyone else getting impatient?
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    Yes, I am!
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    Yes, I am now finally getting anxious to get that letter in my hand. I just want to get started. It fells like it is taking forever to hear!

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