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Hello all, I thought I would start a thread for those of us applying to HCC's Spring 2013 nursing program. I am a Veterinary Technician/stay at home mom. I'm gathering everything for my application and hoping to drop it off at... Read More

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    I can't wait to get home from work and check the mail! You guys have made me so excited!! Fingers crossed for DM NW!! See you guys next week!!

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    Quote from jodypRN
    Got my letter today - Dale Mabry mornings! Hurray! It is finally feeling real...
    Yah! I just got mine today. DM morning!
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    Quote from jodypRN
    Sistermargo, we will be in the same class. I look forward to meeting you and everyone else on here at orientation. Anyone know if HCC provides lunch or gives a lunch break for orientation?
    ME too!!!
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    I just got home and I got DM mornings also. I can't wait to meet my classmates!
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    I couldn't wait any longer and had my husband go check the mail! I got DM NW!!! YAY!!!!
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    Congrats KCrooks13! I got DM NW as well. Congrats to all others who got their desired campuses, and to Kvil13 (I know it must of been a horrible wait for you)! Looking forward to meeting you all next week.
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    Whooo Hooooo. I got DM afternoons! It was a hard choice for me between DM AM and DM afternoons. I finally picked afternoon, so I could study before class. After class I am usually spent. Plus, it seemed like the AM people really needed it, so I didn't want to tie it up.

    Anyone want to sit together at orientation next week?
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    Sitting together sounds like a good idea, I am planning on getting there early to avoid all the traffic. It will be fun to finally put a face to the names on here.
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    Congrats everyone! I got my first pick too which was Southshore evenings! Thank God too because it's five minutes from my house
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    I got in also, Plant City afternoons, not my first choice but beggars cant be choosy....... ;-)

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