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Hello all, I thought I would start a thread for those of us applying to HCC's Spring 2013 nursing program. I am a Veterinary Technician/stay at home mom. I'm gathering everything for my application and hoping to drop it off at... Read More

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    Just received letter saying I got DM NW. This was my first choice.
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    Quote from shauny2k3
    Just received letter saying I got DM NW. This was my first choice.
    I'm hoping I get a letter in the mail today too! Congrats, DM NW is my first choice too.
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    Got my letter today - Dale Mabry mornings! Hurray! It is finally feeling real...
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    Just got my letter too. DM NW!
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    hello everyone and congrats.
    I got DM AM, my first choice.
    One week before orientation, see you all soon.
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    Sistermargo, we will be in the same class. I look forward to meeting you and everyone else on here at orientation. Anyone know if HCC provides lunch or gives a lunch break for orientation?
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    I am a happy camper...got my letter just now and the campus and time of my choice. hope everyone is happy with their letters!
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    Thanks, jodypRN, I'm also excited to meet everyone. Re lunch, it looks like we have to bring something, according to post on the previous page. Water and snack....I hope they will give us some break to swallow it. See you all next Thursday.
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    I GOT IN!!!! I got Plant City afternoons. I would prefer mornings, so hopefully I'll be able to switch with someone. But I am just happy that I'm in!! Congrats to all of you for getting the campus and times that you were hoping for!
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    Glad everyone got what they wanted but I am not a happy camper right now!! My first choice was Southshore mornings and as stated in my previous post it wasnt listed as an option for registering on hawknet. Confused as to why they even had Southshore mornings as an option on the acceptance letter. I chose that time because I would be able to pick up my 1st grader from school at 2:15.

    So, I received my letter today and was assigned for Southshore afternoon classes from 2-5 and obviously as you can see I have to pay for not only one child in daycare (my 3 year old) but now for two children.

    Just really annoyed!!

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