HELP!!!!! Denied a job because of background check, which was all wrong!!

  1. Can anyone help me!!! I cannot find a better route to go in finding who to contact with regards to a job I was denied due to what they claim to have fouond on my background clearance check.
    I applied for a job with the Dept of Corrections. After waiting 2 weeks I called to see what was up with my background clearance. I finally found out and was told I was denied clearance. WHAT!!! So, even after being shuffled around finally found someone to help me find out why I was denied clearance. I was told I was denied because of my arrest history...............WHAT!!!!!!! An arrest history....from where and when and certainly HOW!? I have never even seen the inside of a cop car let alone been arrested or in any trouble with the law. In fact I worked in a Corrections facility out of sate a year ago as a RN and had no problems with my clearance and currently work at a facility now as a RN just not with the state so how on earth would I have an arrest record?

    I even asked what agency or info did they use, only my name or all the info I gave them, my name, DOB, SS# and address? I can't find anyone particular to call to help avoid so many run arounds and explaining this to a million people. Come on......I'm trying to figure out what the heck is going on, this is a HUGE issue because it could be horrible to straighten out. I can't believe this. I'm praying it's not an identity theft issue, that would be another nightmare on top of life & career!!! I have a common name but I would certainly hope they do not simply go with that info only.

    I even went to the Tallahassee website for questions related to false info like this and it led me to a website they use for only $24 to check online at first without needing to have fingerprints. Well, I did that and had one other female come up, we had the same name, both female, but nothing else even remotely close, different DOB, different SS#(last four), way different height, weight, hair and eye color. I will have more investigating to do but this is ridiculous. I'm just trying to figure out what the heck DOC is using for clearance background checks, I mean there are no problems with my license in the 3 states I am licensed for, never been arrested and never had problems with any law. I had a speeding ticket back in 1993 and that is as close to anything I've dealt with, paid the fine and done. So, I am freaking out because I really wanted this job, it's closer to my home, pay is better which can help me financially so this is a HUGE setback in obtaining a better job. If anyone has had this happen please let me know what you had to do or who to call to correct this info?

    I even ran all 3 of my credit reports to make sure I wasn't being hit that way and nothing out of the ordinary. So, so far nothing on my credit reports, never been arrested or accused of any crimes, no criminal history whatsoever, did an online criminal check for $24 from the Tallahassee website (thru FDLE) which only brought up one name that is the same as mine which is a common name but nothing else matched....not the DOB, not the SS#(last 4 numbers), not the height, weight, eyes or hair color. I even spoke with a lady who went over the phone with me on making sure the info they have is the same as what is what I have(name, address, SS#, DOB, address and DMV DL #) but that wasn't the actual place or agency who inputs the data, so that still doesn't tell me that even the data could have been punched in incorrectly ya know.

    I guess I want to find out the actual report they saw that showed the arrest info. Because from what I was told I at my interview, is complete the paper they gave me after the interview that agrees to a background clearance check and they mail it to the DOC in Tallahassee, from there they don't know anything other than a report they receive saying who was approved or denied for clearance. Wow, are you serious.....then when I ask for who to contact they say "Call DOC(Dept of Corrections) in Tallahassee because we are not at liberty to disclose any further info", I do this and without mentioning a name they literally said this to me " Maam, DOC has thousands of employee's so the team that conducts background checks take their time and therefore do not make mistakes"................REALLY!!!!! Are you kidding me, if someone told you that you were denied a job because they said you had an arrest history don't you think you'd be just a tad upset and concerned knowing it's false info!!!!!???!!!! We are all human, error is natural so why can't anyone help me. I'm terrified because this is a HUGE deal. Can anyone help me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. by   caliotter3
    I would see an attorney who deals with identity theft issues. You need to follow through because it could become worse, or it could continue to follow you for the rest of your life, or you might find yourself in jail because the other person gets warrants out on her. Be prepared to go for the long haul. Reportedly, these problems can take a lot of time, effort, and money to clear up.
  4. by   itsmejuli
    Wow, another Florida government screw up and nobody will help you. Disgusting and typical of this wonderful state of ours.

    If I were in your shoes I'd find my local state gov representative and go to their office if its close by. If not then send a letter and explain your situation.

    Your situation is ridiculous and you should demand an investigation and follow up from the department that did your background check. I'm sure you're not the first or last to be hurt by this.
  5. by   MyLove4FL
    Thank you!!! Sadly yes I'm sure I'm not the only one. But today is filled with a trip to the local Police Dept to see what they can offer me for help but in the meantime I'm emailing the Regional Director of Institutions in my region about this and hoping for something other than a "Sorry, can't help you, you need to contact so and so and push me aside." I'm hoping for the best but fortuantely have the common sense that unfortunantely there are not a lot of people out there in the higher ups that will help us, the ones who make the world actually rotate. lol lol

    So, I will keep you posted. Not looking forward in the journey this will take to resolve.

    Thanks for your support!!!

  6. by   caliotter3
    Unfortunately people in your situation can expect to pay a lot of money for any kind of assistance in resolving their issues. Be careful if you seek third party assistance that you don't get caught up in a scam operation. Good luck.
  7. by   MyLove4FL
    Good to know, thank you!!! I will certainly keep that in mind!!! Thank you!!

  8. by   caliotter3
    There should be no cost involved for most of the efforts you would need to make to get things straightened out, but you know that in today's world, scumbags find a way to make a buck off any kind of misfortune.
  9. by   MyLove4FL
    Yep you're right!!! I will be careful! I also found out from another agency that no one has run a background check on me through their particular system other than my RN license, so they too are baffled why I would be told such hogwash. But let me reassure you I WILL find out and take action. I'm not about to let anyone defame my name falsely. That is just mean, evil and wrong and can ruin people's lives!!
  10. by   DaddysLilRN2b
    MyLove4FL, were you ever able to resolve this issue?
  11. by   MyLove4FL
    I did actually......thank you!!! I stayed on top of the higher ups letting them know I was still investigating how this could have happened. Then a friend suggested I ask if I need to seek legal counsel to resolve the matter and by the end of that day the "Big wig" called me personally and said they reran my info and I was correct all along and offered me the job. So, I was elated!!!!
  12. by   GabbsRN
    Of course....the threat of legal involvement somehow got their butts into gear, but had you just let it go, they would have just moved on their merry way. Figures. Glad to hear you got it resolved AND got the job!!
  13. by   rholman
    Thank goodness, things worked out for you.My daughters father had his identity stolen years ago. He found out when he got rejected for a job because his background check came back that he was in jail. Okay.... people, how is he in jail and able to come in and apply for a job. Anyway...turns out the person who stole his identity was in jail and when they did further investigations, found out this criminal had 3 different identities. It took my dauthers father a few years to clear it up and get it removed from his record.Again, glad this turned out good for you.
  14. by   DaddysLilRN2b
    Im glad everything worked out for you!!!