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Hey, all! I hate to be typing the same ole', same ole' here, but I have some questions and would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you could take the time to answer them! My family lives in Florida and they... Read More

  1. by   EMTPTORN
    Nicu Nurse,

    The city i will talk about was not on your list, but it is in FL- Pensacola to be exact. Sacred Heart Hospital has a NICU am not sure the level, but there is no other NICU within a few hundred miles i am sure; Pcola has great beaches, low crime, good yr round weather and very affordable housing. You are 3 hrs from New Orleans and 5 hrs from Jacksonville. The starting pay is around 17, but they pay for any past experience so it is easy to start at a higher base rate. Night diff is 3.50; they have a WOW prgram for weekends only that pays i think about a 33-50% premium but it is very hard to get the WOW gig. One other perk, they pay a 12,000 sign on bonus (no joke!) payable monthly over 2 yrs to experienced nurses. There is another hospital in town paying same sign on bonus but they have no NICU. If you don't need benefits then POOL pays higher.......

    My opinion of the rest of FL, you cannot go wrong moving to Lakeland or near Lakeland because it is in between Orlando and Tampa. So, your choices for work are immense if you don't mind a little drive, or you could just work in Lakeland and have no drive.

    Jacksonville I have been to a few times on trips and have always liked it, don't know what it would be like to live in. I have a friend who lives twenty minutes north of Tampa, and have been to Tampa a few times and enjoyed it, but you are supposed to enjoy vacations right? I know traffic and crime are higher everywhere that I have mentioned in comparison to Pcola area. The community we live (not Pcola proper) in also has a school system in top percentage nationwide. If you have kids, very much consider the school system in the community you move to because they are not all created equal.

    Good luck on your decision
  2. by   Heath82371
    I just thought I should add that our good friend was just hired at Shands Jax after moonlighting as a agency nurse at various facilities. He has several years experience and he is starting at $25 and yes this is for full-time. If he doesn't take the benefits package it is another $4 an hour (and he is still full-time if he elects not to take benefits). Of coarse there is night differential if one chooses nights. Just thought I would update the person who is considering moving to the area!!
  3. by   NICU_Nurse
    Thank you! :kiss
  4. by   Town & Country
    Does anyone know anything about the Hendry Regional Medical Center and it's sattelites in Clewiston, FL?