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I know there is another thread about online bridge programs, but there are 48 pages and I need specifically Florida programs because I have Bright Future's. If anyone could suggest some for me, that would be great! I know about... Read More

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    Quote from >30yrsRN
    go to FIU the the school of nursing it is RN to BSN online program
    or go to FIU online degrees and you will see the RN to BSN
    USF has RN to MSN online like UCF
    UIF: It is only three EC exams a clinical and two more BSN online courses
    to complete

    clarification: FIU RN-BSN program is 8 classes (3 credits each class, including the 2 electives you must take), plus one clinical for community health (3 credits), plus 3 EC exams that have a 30 credit value in total.

    on the FIU website, it states each class that you must take, and it also breaks it down for you semester per semester.

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    Quote from misswhitney
    Can you send me any info on the FIU program? I did not even know they have an RN-BSN program and would really consider doing that if it is true that UCF's spring class is full.

    the website is the best place to get your info


    go to school of nursing, and choose the RN-BSN
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    Quote from >30yrsRN
    I think I would realy like that program at UOP we had group every week and it counted 20% to 25% of our grade,it was fun 50/50% of the time. You know what I am talking about
    I am will check into FIU tomorrow morning
    I would have to drive or fly into Miami for Clinicals assessment
    and test or maybe there another way.
    you do have to go to information session before you are accepted in to the school, just a little tip for you when you do,
    make sure that you ask them for an appointment to see the dean, and have them document on their records that you went,

    i went to the info session, and i thought that was it, applied and did not hear from them, then when i called they said that i had to go in again to see the advisor/dean before getting acceptance letter.

    that will save you going their twice when you don't have to.

    the clinical assessment is only one day for an hour, and you do it with a partner. both my partner and i live in miami, and on the day of testing was the first day we met in person. we both passed
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    Bumblebee and
    Thanks for you great info and tip on getting mark down that I attended
    I might have to get on with my application
    Whitney you should still check to see if the Spring class in full at UCF if you really want to go there.
    I like the idea of the testing out concept with EC Exam. I was going to apply to Kent State but after talking to a admission recruiter
    I do not think is is doable for me 6 credits in BSN course every 6 weeks with one week off in between each set for 2 years. Plus a Clinical. They did have a great program, But I am better off doing one course at a time and I still have some prereqs to do in any program. Which I know I could do along with BSN course if I need to. I have AAS in Nursing and a I took 5 business courses and two BSN courses at UOP that was to fast for me 5 week courses with papers due every class, and a group presentation on week #5.
    I need room for a a little life even if it relaxing at home.
    I am interested in what you decide and keep us posted
    I will do the same, I can't believe I fill out to applications to WGU and Kent State and I did not pay the fee so they will not be process. I was on a roll then
    Bumblebee thanks to you! You knock some sense into my head! LOL
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    I have a out state degree in nursing AAS
    I have alot of prereqs I bet
    I just want to get over with I need the BSN,MSN degrees
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    that's awesome! I like it so far, and those EC tests do save you a lot of $$
    the test im about to take now, is maternity/childhood development, and it's worth 12 credits, for only $275, a one time test. each test i think costs that much, not 100% sure, but thats less than taking a class!
    it's just that you have to be organized and study.

    the best of luck,
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    I am currently an RN in fl with an associate degree and planning to continue for BSN. Yet I am not sure to chose between FAU or FIU, in campus or online. I live in Boca Raton. If any one know which one is best i will be appreciate the fed back.

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    Quote from nanita
    i am currently an rn in fl with an associate degree and planning to continue for bsn. yet i am not sure to chose between fau or fiu, in campus or online. i live in boca raton. if any one know which one is best i will be appreciate the fed back.

    i personally, love attending the classes-- going to campus, listen to lecture, and do my assignments blah blah blah... but i am from miami, so it was either attend the super pricey university of miami, or the state school florida international university online---- so i chose fiu.

    fau pros:
    • on campus classes
    • you will meet other students going through the same journey as you
    • you don't have to take ec exams
    • you see the campus, and it's a good motivator
    • has an online and on campus program!! best pro!!
    fau cons:
    • cant think of any! if i lived close to it, i would of gone there myself. but i have already paid my dues driving there for 2 years of my life, that i will not due again.

    fiu pros:
    • organized online program
    • short because the ec college exams gives you 30 credits towards the bsn degree
    • you do not have to attend campus every week, or every month as in other schools.
    fiu cons:
    • they do not have an option for on campus programs, for folks that like traditional programs.
    • it's more expensive bc you have to pay about $200 extra for the 'online' class fee
    im not sure what your home life, and work life situation is. but online school is doable. i personally work a full time job, have a young child at home, and have a home to run, so the on-line fiu is working great for me.

    if you are close to campus, and can squeeze in your schedule your classes, then more power to you. but if you are away from campus, online option for your bsn is a great option too because it requires more flexibility to manage your 'regular' life.

    best of luck!!!!!!!!!!
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    The University of West Florida in Pensacola has an online RN to BSN program accredited by CCNE! Information can be found at http://uwf.edu/nursing/major-bridge/genl_info/

    You never need to go to campus. The final semester is a Practicum which you complete in your own locale - you do need to arrange for a community based preceptor and facility to complete this.

    There are 32 hours of upper division nursing coursework that can be completed in three semesters.

    Florida does have a lot of general studies/common pre-requisite coursework but all Florida schools must abide by those requirements so the difference is in the nursing coursework.

    Fall 2010 UWF is implementing an RN-MSN program with the capability of decelerating to the BSN if necessary. The two tracks for the MSN are nursing administration and nursing education.

    Check it out!
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    I may want to do a master's degree in nursing education in the future!! and I'm all for state schools online!

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