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I know there is another thread about online bridge programs, but there are 48 pages and I need specifically Florida programs because I have Bright Future's. If anyone could suggest some for me, that would be great! I know about... Read More

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    for the EC exams, FIU teacher recomended the reviews and rationales, so i am studying those books; and the girls i know from the program who took the exam said they did a lot of questions from nclex-rn study books so i will do the same.

    i never took the CLAST because i had A's and B's in math and english so it except me from taking it.

    FIU is not that bad, and you don't have to be there constantly, the online courses are good and organized and you don't do group projects... as you know, sometimes some peers do not do their part.

    I like it, you just have to be organized... and i am not, i am such a slacker

    wish you the best.
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    I think I would realy like that program at UOP we had group every week and it counted 20% to 25% of our grade,it was fun 50/50% of the time. You know what I am talking about
    I am will check into FIU tomorrow morning
    I would have to drive or fly into Miami for Clinicals assessment
    and test or maybe there another way.
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    Quote from BumblebeeRN
    Im currently a student of the RN-BSN program at FIU and there is not traveling once a month for their program! during the physical assessment class, there is a return demonstration test required at the campus lab, for only one day.

    I know someone from UCF and she said that she has to go once a month to the school.

    Can you send me any info on the FIU program? I did not even know they have an RN-BSN program and would really consider doing that if it is true that UCF's spring class is full.
    >30yrsRN and
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    go to FIU the the school of nursing it is RN to BSN online program
    or go to FIU online degrees and you will see the RN to BSN
    USF has RN to MSN online like UCF
    UIF: It is only three EC exams a clinical and two more BSN online courses
    to complete
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    Also look at UCF site it said they are now taking applications for the Fall 1010 class for a BSN not spring and the MSN they are still taking Spring 2010 enrollments Applications.
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    Yeah, now they require an information session. I'll probably apply anyways.
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    Can you tell me where you saw that? I saw something about the BSN program not accepting applications but could not find anything about the RN-BSN program. Thank you =)
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    The UCF program is listed under the programs for BSN
    You are referring to the UCF program it then under RN to BSN

    then where it say apply you will see the dates set for next admissions
    which is accepting applications for Fall 2010
    Are you referring to FIU program?
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    UCF's. I still cannot find where it says that. hmmm
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    Well all I can say is email them or call them today
    alot of Adm office close by noon or 3 PM
    Good Luck, I decide to apply to FIU and Kent State RN to BSN online programs

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