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    How long does it actually take to get a Florida license. I have heard weeks, how many weeks? I am trying to get mine before the first of October. It has been two weeks. What are my chances? They are holding my job until then, but if I don't get it, bye bye job.

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    I applied for my FL nursing license in late June and just recieved it in early August. Hopefully everything is faster for you because it took forever to get mine. Good luck
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    I just sent my paperwork off to Fl BON i will be interested to hear how long it takes you. Please keep us updated i am prepared for a min of 30 days.
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    Thanks for the info. I'm keeping my fingers crosses.
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    I submitted my paperwork via snail mail on Aug. 24, Pearson received and processed it on the 28th, and I am still waiting to hear from the BON. I know a few people who submitted their paperwork on the 19th and got their ATT today.
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    I already have a Michigan license. I am trying to obtain a Florida license to relocate there. I emailed them and they stated a minimum of 30 days, but I have had other people tell me that it will only take two weeks.
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    It depends partly on whether your current state is linked to NURSYS, which makes it much faster and easier (although not cheaper) to verify your original license. I think it took about 3-4 weeks when I applied for mine, with one delay because I didn't have the CEUs completed. Once I got everything sent in, I had it in a week.
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    My license originates in New York and they do not use NURYS system but i already mailed them the verification form one week proir to me sending my paperwork to FL BON(which is what they suggest you do) for anyone that was missing anything in their appliication how did FL BON contact you to let you know, was it by mail or email or phone call?
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    I don't know if this will help you but I called the number on the login page on the DOH health professionals website and they gave me a status update of my application and let me know if I was missing anything.
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    How long after you mailed the paperwork in did you call?

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