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I'm curious to know if you become employed with Florida Hospital is it easy to move around within the hospital? As in transferring to a different type of unit?... Read More

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    Quote from Preeps
    Ok thanks for the info. But is the base pay similar-you said $22.67 at Fl Hosp-what is the day shift rate at ORMC?

    Yeah I know that neuro floor, and they had techs or still do have but phasing out? and that would be a nightmare without a tech.

    But honestly I would rather have 4 patients without techs than 6 with a tech. 6 patients is too many IMO.
    Good luck to you!

    I just accepted a job with FL hospital as a new grad BSN and base pay for GN is 22.08 (12 hours), 15% differential for nights, and 13% for weekends. After orientation differentials for nights go to 35%. PCU neuro has techs and 4:1 to 5:1 ratio.
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    I've been trying to get a job with FL Hospital but each time I apply I get a NO thank you - denial email in a matter of couple of hours. Am I missing sth?
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    I just got a call from Healthcare support staffing about a position at FL hospital. It's only for 3 months, working non stop 7a-7p, not too many days off; i'd be working with physicians, more or less on a computer. We'll see if they call me back.
    Does anyone need recruiters number? They still need like 30 nurses - so I was told.
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    Quote from TheLastTime
    Base pay for GNs at FH is slightly above $22. ORMC pays $21.85 for GNs.
    Ha!!!! Riches!!! FH Zephyrhills is paying GNs $19.
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    Oh and FHZ med surg has 6:1 for RNs and 10-15:1 for CNAs. PCU has 4:1 and usually 1 tech for all pts, sometimes as many as 16. ICU has no techs, not sure about RN ratio. Also not sure about diffs.
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    You could come to HCA in Kissimmee! PRN Pay (meaning no benefits) is about $38.50 for nights and about $42.00 on weekends. However, your med/surgical ratio is 7 to 1 with only one tech for about 30 patients. On the PCU/IMCU the ratio is 6/1 (nights maybe less on days not sure) with one to two techs for about 30 patients. If you work in the cardiac tower (floors 3,4, and 5) the ratio drops back to five to one (think PCU, but an acuity which is less than the PCU/IMCU floor on average) with two techs for about 25 patients (give or take). The pay with benefits is pretty comparable to ORMC or Florida Hospital. I think that you will find that the pay is very compariable both at ORMC and Florida Hospital once you are out of orientation. Note these figures are for an RN with about one to two years of experience, but I don't think that the numbers change until you get more than three years of experience (thus they would apply to even a new grad).

    Also one of the big DOWSIDES of Florida Hospital is that they require that you show proof of health insurance (say through a spouse) or you must take the benefitted position. Speaking personally the pay cut from a benefitted position would mean I couldn't afford to pay my bills without working overtime. I would rather take my chances and go without health insurance (besides unless they Baker Acted me I wouldn't go to the doctor or ER anyway even if I DID have a heart attack).
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    Yes, FHZ is no longer hiring non-benefitted at the increased rate. I think it was around $35/hr dayshift with no benefits. They are not offering that anymore. You either take benefits or show you have benefits and the rate is the same. BOO!!!!
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    hi, sorry if this is a bit off topic, but would any of you know if FH is still hiring foreign nurses? coz there's been some buzz that they're gonna stop processing for H1B visas. thanks and I'd really appreciate your response!
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    I was offered a position at ORMC and FH

    ORMC starts at 22.20 for BSN grads and FH offers 22.08 for BSN grads...the night differentials are better at ORMC. I still am not sure which job I will take..I have been hearing a lot of negatives thoughts about FH and plus the contract is pushing me away due to the fact that I am young and not sure if I want to live in Orlando for the next 2 years..but I am still weighing my options
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    Anyone have any new updates for ORMC and FH as far as payscales and differentials? I am a Trauma/Sicu RN with 4 years exp. from northern NJ, also how is the PRN pay at either ORMC/FH? Thanks all!
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