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Hi Everyone, I was just wondering for those who recently took NCLEX and passed, how long did it take Florida to post your info online? I know about the quick results from Pearson, but I am... Read More

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    UM says they are gonna finally confer our degrees next week and inform FBON at that time. So I guess ill have to wait even longer. How long did you guys have to wait to test from the moment you got your ATT? Sheesh, I wasnt nervous about the test until I started reading this thread some more. Ive done Saunders (religiously) and am now doing about 30 lipincott questions a day so maybe I need to step up my game abit. I scored 970 on the final exit HESI so I wasnt too scared until some of you guys started talking about the type of questions and it defintely gets the blood moving!!!

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    Just wanted to say thanks to those who posted the link to the BOH to check for your test results. I have been freaking out for the past 24 hrs. I tested yesterday. Kept checking pearsons and it says results unav. at this time, tried the person trick and and looked at the licensed provider search and my name was not there. So this was great I followed the link and found out I passed! I am sooooo happy!
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    It works

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