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Hi Everyone, I was just wondering for those who recently took NCLEX and passed, how long did it take Florida to post your info online? I know about the quick results from Pearson, but I am... Read More

  1. by   dlyr75
    Thank you sooooooooo much for that information. After I accessed the link, I found it under the "FAQS" and saw the same link! I have not "celebrated" yet, nor sent out the mass email, because I wasn't really sure! I have been checking both Pearson Vue and the Licensee look up info regularly today. I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow! Thanks again for your speedy response and info! I will definitely sleep better tonight!
  2. by   chicookie
    No problem. Remember to treat yourself to something nice!
    You deserve it!
  3. by   untamable07
    Congratulations you all who passed!!!! I plan to test in June. Do you have any pointers or definite things I should review. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. by   dlyr75
    Thank you, Chicookie! You made my day! What made it nicer, is when I woke up this morning and saw I had a LICENSE! Hell yes!
  5. by   dlyr75
    There is really no rhyme or reason, per se, as to what to expect...I studied everything from the Kaplan to Saunders and did my ATI practice tests again, as well as flash cards. I didn't do the "Kapln Review" just had the book. I went over normal values for labs/therapeutic ranges and common side effects of meds. However, I found that nothing is cut and dry, and most questions were not easily answered as in knowledge base, as much as application. I had 6 different types of questions about pheochromocytoma! I couldn't remember for the life of me what it was at the time, but thought about the worst that could happen with this issue...best not to panic, but easier said than done! When in doubt, fall back on your basics, and use your ABC's and critical/non-critical issues. That's all I can say, as there is a wide variety of things you can expect. Oh and, get used to the SATA's! I had a crap load of them! Good luck!
  6. by   JeepDudeRN
    I ended up passing with 75 questions. Everything I had had, to do with assessement, priority and delegation. Who will you see first, and what will you do first, and of course who are you going to assign to do what. As far as meds go...every single one I got was advertised on televsion commercials, which I didnt prepare for. I studied my butt off on meds that everyone said I would probably get, but didnt get those! But, the good thing is, if you know how to break down the med names, you can ususally figure out what they are for, and then you will know the side effects. Same with diseases...break down the words and see what you can come up with. I did follow Suzannes plan, which was still in effect at the time, and my school also paid for Kaplan. Both are invaluable. I started studying for NCLEX about 6 months before graduation. I received my ATT on Feb 10, took the test the next day and found out I passed on Friday the 13th!! So that myth is out the window about that being a terrible day! LOL...Anyway, just be prepared for anything, and always remember the ABC's. Good luck!!
  7. by   winsome08
  8. by   jerrylundergard
    UM says they are gonna finally confer our degrees next week and inform FBON at that time. So I guess ill have to wait even longer. How long did you guys have to wait to test from the moment you got your ATT? Sheesh, I wasnt nervous about the test until I started reading this thread some more. Ive done Saunders (religiously) and am now doing about 30 lipincott questions a day so maybe I need to step up my game abit. I scored 970 on the final exit HESI so I wasnt too scared until some of you guys started talking about the type of questions and it defintely gets the blood moving!!!
  9. by   nursestitou
    Just wanted to say thanks to those who posted the link to the BOH to check for your test results. I have been freaking out for the past 24 hrs. I tested yesterday. Kept checking pearsons and it says results unav. at this time, tried the person trick and and looked at the licensed provider search and my name was not there. So this was great I followed the link and found out I passed! I am sooooo happy!
  10. by   hard-at-it-82
    It works