Concorde in Jacksonville?

  1. I tried to do a search and there doesnt seem to be anyone that has gone to the nursing program at Concorde in Jacksonville. I was accepted into their Spetember class with the option of starting later this month if sopts become available. I know there are Concordes in other cities but Im sure that every city has different experiences. Any comments, good or bad, would be appreciated.
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    From what I can find about Concorde in FL.....

    They have a 100% acceptance rate and 100% of students receive financial with 99% having to use student loans. On the average, 56% graduate. So imagine the large tuition cost and not graduating!

    Not that I care about the census of the school.....but in Lauderdale Lakes African Americans compose 72% of the student bode. In Jacksonville, it is 57%. This, combined with the low graduation rate + 100% acceptance rate, leads me to believe that they are simply out to take your money and they are hurting minorities at a higher rate.

    Yes, you can get trained here. But for those who have marginal GPAs, understand that you could fail to graduate and be left holding a huge private school tuition student loan bill without the job to pay it back.

    I don't know if it was Concorde or not.....but one of those "career" colleges had an ad on TV the other day. I usually try to grab the "small print" they rush on the screen..... This one said that NONE of the credits earned were transferrable to any other college.

    My advice,.....check this out long and hard before you do this.
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    Like you I have searched the internet and found lots of information but none specifically for the one in Jacksonville. I saw the retention and graduation rates and compared to some other schools in the area they are about the same. Going to the BON of Florida they have not graduated anyone yet so there are no scores for the NCLEX-RN but I found it interesting that they had a 96%, if I am remembering correctly, of the NCLEX-PN for 2008 total. I also found out that you can transfer credits in but taking them to another college is a no,no! But getting your ASN from there I would be able to do a ASN-MSN program later down the line, since I already have an undergraduate degree. Thanks for your input though, going to a career college was always a big turn off of mine because I always had the sense that they were geared towards a certain population to take advantage of them. Even with transferring credits in the program is still expensive as compared to the local public colleges. I would just hate to spend the time and the money for the program and I get bit in the you know what later. Since I am one of the many teachers that are being "laid off" I figured this was my time to go back to school for what I really wanted as a career, not that there is anything against teaching. I guess at ths point I just have to bite the bullet and go there and take a chance. Thanks for your input.
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    I completely understand where you are coming from. After 8.5 yrs in Satellite Operations, I got into computer programming. I loved it! BUT, I found there was no stability in it and have suffered repeated layoffs.....the last in January 09. By the time I started my last job in July 07, I decided it was time to retrain.

    I took my pre-reqs at FCCJ. I start NS there May 2nd.

    My last job asked me to come back in May. I am excited about makes the bills easier to pay, but I am not stopping my nursing program...which is why I applied to the evening/weekend program. The credits are transferrable. The tuition low.

    I do have a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. I will be going on to get an MSN so I am going the RN to MSN route. I even spent my "wasted semester" (the semester between applying for and starting NS) taking pre-reqs for the Masters (Statistics and Speech).

    Is there some reason why you haven't looked into FCCJ?
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    Congrats on FCCJ! I read they had 300+ applicants. I have looked into FCCJ. I still have AP2 and Micro to retake since I took it without a Lec/Lab combination but seperately so Im lacking the lab portion. I am not taking any classes this summer since I am paying my rent for a few months along with other bills since after June 1 I will not be working and will have no future income coming in and Unemployment Benefits is not a guarantee especially since they are telling us we are not layed off but rather non-renewed, but I digress. So financially I wont be able to take the lacking classes until Fall 2009 and apply for the Spring 2009 start date. I have also looked into SJRCC-Palatka but they only admit once a year Fall 2009 and was going to apply to that program next month but lacking AP2 and Micro. I know of SJRCC-Orange Park but Im still contemplateing the drive and I have a little while to apply to that Program. Ive looked at JU but I cant apply for the 2nd degree option until Dec/Jan along with UNF. Daytona State College and Santa Fe CC are even still options now that they have stopped the waiting list and having new applicants each turn but the drive to Daytona/Gainesville would drive me crazy. If Im accepted to any public university between now and September then it would be a no brainer. But with the increased applicants, my lack of AP2/Mirco and competiveness everything is up in the air. I just dont want to put all my eggs in one basket like my friend did and keep as many options open as possible. It took her 4 applicant cycles to be admitted into the nursing program and she had CNA and LPN experience. So Im looking at Concorde since I went in and took all the tests, received acceptable scores and offered a seat in the September 2009 Class.
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    Sorry about not replying....I have my step-kids down from SC for Spring Break and they are hogging the computer! LOL! Also, been running around trying to get the stuff done they need by Apr 14th to start NS.

    I took APII online (labs are online too) and Micro hybrid (class online, lab in school). Got As in both. I know how disheartening it is to wait to start NS. I planned on completing my courses faster than I did.....but in the end, I am glad I did 2 classes of pre-reqs per term so that I could max the GPA. (Some of my courses from 25 yrs ago were accepted as transfer :spin: ) I had 217 pts when I applied.

    What I hated was the semester "wait". Drives ya crazy even when your points are as high as mine! LOL

    I wish you the best in your search for the best fit for you. I stuck it out with FCCJ because I need to keep my costs as low as possible. The online classes allowed me to work FT and still go to school. I know it is going to be TOUGH now. I go back to my old job on May 1st and classes start May I am going to be one busy beaver!!!! It will be worth it in the end!
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    First off, I just wanted to say that I love this forum, and am so thankfull for it. I have learned so much from reading posts. This is the first post that I have found(and I've been searching for a while) about the new RN program at Concorde in Jax. I am also thinking about applying there. I haven't taken the NET, though. I've just visited the campus. Someone posted that they have a 100% acceptance rate? That's not true, a friend of my recently took their NET and didn't do well enough.
    My main concern with this school isn't the tuition, but how it will look on a resume. Concorde has a great reputation as far as academics go with their other programs like the LPN. I just don't know if any of the hospitals will accept Concorde graduates. Does anyone know how long the program is and what hours(obviously it's during the day)? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Thanks for your kind words and I am sure that you will enjoy being at FCCJ! Who knows maybe my path will change and will see you there in another semester.
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    I will tell you that they do not have a 100% acceptance rate. There are a series of tests that you have to pass in order to be offered the opportunity to continue with the RN application, if I remember correctly three, and each next tests depends on if you pass the previous test with the required minimum scores. Should you get to the NET you have to make the minimum cut off score or you will not be allowed to go through the nursing application process. However, depending on your score if you fall below the RN program cut off and above the PN cut off you may be offered to continue with the PN application program.

    As for the program being look upon favorably on a resume, I believe that it is too soon to make that judgement since the program is fairly new. However, I will tell you that the PN program is very well established and according to the NCLEX passing rates they are at 98% for 2008. I want to be positive and say that where you get your degree from doesnt matter but rather if you have the ability to pass the NCLEX-RN. That was one of my concerns with the program since it is so new they do not have the tract record that they do for the PN program.

    The program is 16 months long should you start from scratch and take the pre-req's there but that can be cut down should you transfer in some general education classes. The classes are full day Monday - Friday 8am-5pm.

    When I was there I went a couple of times before I even took the NET and I was working with Carlos. He is a nice guy and very straight forward and does not sugar coat your situation. If are not speaking with anyone in particular I would refer you to him.
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    i just joined this site and was so excited to see this thread. i'm 47 and my kids are all grown so i now have the opportunity to go back to school. i'm now waiting on my acceptance letter from concorde...should be here any day. i'm starting their school on april 27 and should graduate aug.2010. i chose this school because of it's fast track program and i can start immediately. i'm hoping since they have such a good nclex pass rate for their lpns that the same will be true for the rns...i'm soooo nervous/excited at the same time!
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    i just recieved my acceptance letter in the mail!!! i will try to keep everyone posted on how the program is going as i move along...this is a big change for me...i've ran a home daycare for about 20yrs. but ready to follow my dream.
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    Hi everyone! I attended Concorde in 2007 for their LPN program. I didn't have a very good experience at the school. They don't require ANY professionalism from their students that are not in the nursing program etc. Medical Asst, Dental Asst. and it's ALL politics. They do have a good pass rate for the NCLEX-PN but for $21,000 I need the entire package. SOME of their teachers don't keep control in the classrooms and they let the "know it all" students basically teach the class. Now I don't know about the RN program because they was just getting it together when I was going there. But I ended up leaving and I am now applying to Keiser University RN program. WISH ME LUCK! I take the NET test on Tuesdsay. But Congrats to you all that are going to Concorde for RN. I wish you all the luck.