Broward College South Campus 2012

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    hi everyone, this is a thread for all the pre-nursing students interested in broward college's nursing program at south campus that begins january 2012. let's all get to know each other and make this class the best ever!!!! :d
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    hi, future south campus nursing student here
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    Nice to meet you in the virtual world Tiff. Look froward to meeting you in person soon :-)
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    What books do we need to get? i would like reading from now.
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    right now i only have the fundamental from perry potter, not sure about the rest
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    Hello and congrats to all,

    I know this is just for the accepted nursing students, but I wanted to know if bcc looks at the pre-req course gpa or the overall gpa or both. The website is very poor when it comes to the information that is needed.

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    to get into the program they only look at the pre-req courses. english, chemistry, a&p1 with the lab and a&p11 with the lab.
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    Thanks Tiff01, greatly apprecative. Congrats!
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    Hi, future South Campus student checking in! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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    did everyone put in their papers at the south campus already??!! the tomorrow is the final day!!!!

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