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hey everyone! this is a thread for anyone applying for the january 2012 class at broward college for the generic nursing track. july 16th was the date to start applying and i believe it closes... Read More

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    Quote from Clynn21
    Hey everyone! Congrats on being accepted into the program and starting soon. I am about to start my 2nd specialty (my 5th class), and wanted to know if anyone is need of the Perry and Potter book for process 1 and 2 (good condition), the Davis Drug Guide (brand new), or the Fundamentals Review book(good condition)? I attend North Campus btw. Let me know if you are interested. I don't need these books anymore and they are taking up room on my bookshelf. Best of luck to everyone, and study hard!
    Hi i have just found out that i was accepted in to the nursing program starting may 2012 and the books that you have i am interested in because i heard that its good to start reading ahead. And i was wondering approximately how long is orientation, also how has your experience been so far. What tips could you provide me to further prepare me for the program. please email me the info for the books at thank you.

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    Hello to all current BC RN program students! I was recently accepted to the May 2012 RN program and am in search of nursing books. If anyone has books they no longer need and would like to sell them please contact me. My email is Any and all advice about the program is also greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
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    I am so happy I found this thread. I have been accepted for the May 2012 program!!! I still can not believe it.

    I need your advise PLEASE, I am concern about the full time enrollment, since I have two kids, mortgage, car payment, etc. Does anyone knows if the program can be managed working full time also? If not, besides federal student loans (sub and unsub), how can I fund my living expenses without working?
    Thank you so much for any information!:heartbeat
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    Congrats to everyone accepted for May! One thing I can tell u is that u are going to need to be very discipline, determined and ready for a lot of work in a short period of time. I quit my job when I started because I heard it gets very hard to work full time and do this program. So far I have no regrets. Don't get me wrong, there are people that are able to work and do school.... But not many people can. I'm currently in the January class and we've just finished the first 8 weeks. It's definitely been a challenge!! We've already lost about 25 people that will have to repeat. It's crazy and scary to see the class shrink so fast, but if u stay committed and determined u will be fine. Good luck with everything and have ur fun while u can because once u start.... U will eat, sleep, and breath nursing!!! :-)
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    Hi, January students. I got accepted for the May program, deferred to August though. I just wanted to ask a few questions. I have some money from tax returns and I'm thinking of using it to get some stuff for school and pay for all the medicals and background check stuff in July. But I was thinking I would buy my shoes, bag and a few books to get a head start on reading during summer. Do I really need a rolling bag or would my backpack do? What shoes are required or rather whats shoes are not allowed (clogs??)? Should I really get a Littman or will the stethoscope I got from the bookstore for the Health core class do? Is 365 docs cheaper than going to the county health center for medical stuff? Should I just start the Hep B series now and get it over with? Which books do you suggest I get to start reading? Thanks and congrats on making it through your 1st semester.
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    Hey nayenay40,

    What did you think about the nursing program at BCC? MY experience was not a positive one, out of 84 students that started only 18 passed NUR1020. The teachers are a bit rude and provide no help. Please let me know how was your experience.
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    can someone please help me here

    I want to know what things I need to do. I'm done with the prereqs in may. Hopefully, my gpa will be 3.5 at least.

    What else do I need to do? I have read that I can take the health core class online at sheridan tech

    but when I read the BC nursing faq, it says that I need more things such as HSC certificates, people say that you have to get all of these done before handing in application, but I also read here that if you take Health core at sheridan it cover many certificates required by BC? can someone please guide me step by step on what I exactly need to do?

    On top of that, I will have to take that hesi exam

    since I will be finished with prereqs in may, for what term can I apply to? where are the application dates for 2012?

    The more I read the more discouraged I get about applying and being in this program, like is made for you to fail.
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    Admission Information
    Here are the dates. You cannot apply until you have the grades for all your classes. As far as the HSC courses. I did them before I applied to the program. I did them through broward college. The HESI you should be completed soon as well. From the looked of it if you can get the HESI done before may. Then you can apply for August admission. The program is hard, but if you truly want to be a nurse and have the motivation and drive to do what it takes, then you will succeed. You just have to discipline yourself to study and make the time. Best of Luck
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    does the hcp course at sheridan, covers many of the hsc courses?

    I will be done with my AA in may, and then I will have no degree/major. If I apply for the program and get accepted, will I have a major once again and receive financial aid?

    once you are done with AA, I think you can still take classes at BC (not sure) but you cannot longer receive financial aid, since you have no degree anymore.

    That is my problem, how or where am I going to take those HSC course.
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    you may want to talk to the health science department or the financial aid office. I know they can be morons sometimes, but they can probably give you the best answer

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