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Anyone Applying to the May 2017 program? I wanted to get into the January program but I was missing a math class and couldn't complete it in time for the January program.... Read More

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    here's an example of TTS reading the wikipedia article on peptic ulcer disease
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    what text to speech software?
    Quote from LunaTuna222
    I would read everything and do NCLEX-style practice questions especially in the two days before tests. I found that text-to-speech (TTS) software helps me stay focused when reading.

    For clinical and return demo you really just have to go over the skills over and over and over again until it's just muscle memory. It feels like rehearsing for a play, in a way.
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    are you currently in the program?
    Quote from LunaTuna222
    It is a full time program and not very flexible with the times but some students manage to work anyway.

    The first semester you'll be registered for:

    Pharmacology (full semester)
    A math class (it's maybe 3 weeks long, can't really remember)
    Process 1 lecture (first half semester)
    Process 1 clinical (first half semester)
    Process 2 lecture (second half semester)
    Process 2 clinical (second half semester)