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Brevard Community College -- ADMISSION (points)

  1. 0 Brevard Community College has very recently changed their admission criteria, and I am burning with curiosity regarding recently admitting nursing students.

    How many points did you have when you applied, were you accepted, and when did you apply?

    I want to know because, if I re-take Algebra, I will have 40 points, but if I do not, I will have 38 points, and I just don't know if that is competitive enough...

    I want to get into the program at the Cocoa campus...

    Thank you for any feedback !
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    From my understanding BCC nolonger reward points for GPA. Yes, I do agree that they have changed their entire admission process.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    I am kind of glad they no longer award points for the GPA, it makes it easier for us right above average wannabe nurses...

    Are you enrolled in BCC's nursing program?
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    I'm interested, but the TEAS V is the deciding factor; and they also raised their score. Have you taken the exam? If so, how was it?
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    Did you speak with an advisor? I didn't know that the TEAS was more important than the points! That is wonderful, because I have been studying for that thing like crazy, but I have not taken the exam yet..
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    Sorry for the misunderstanding. Everything is a deciding factor and its unpredictable as to how they choose their prospects; if you do well on the Teas it will absolutely help.
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    I had considerably less then 38 points and was just accepted into the Cocoa 2012 program. I had A's in my science pre-reqs and a very high TEAS score. I've failed College Algebra (although 10 years ago) more times than I care to mention! I did not expect to get in, but I did! I agree that it's unpredictable how they choose. Good luck to you! I think you'll be fine though :-)
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    I just got in Cocoa program starting Monday with 34 points, a very high TEAS 4.0 and a very high GPA with my completed AA. They say they don't use the GPA because some people may have taken fluffy easy classes while other taken more difficult science and math. Although I was told when I turned my paperwork in if it comes down to 2 people with same TEAS, points and so on, they will look at GPA as last resort for decision making. I did not turn in any recommendation letters and never worked in in medical field. I only got 2 extra points for AA.

    The TEAS... it is worth buying the official TEAS 5 book online, booksamillion, craigslist and so on. I studied that book like crazy for about 6-7 weeks in all the subjects (especially math) with the exception of the sciences which I skimmed over. I thought I still had all the sciences memorized since I was an "A" student. Big mistake! I did the worst on sciences. Thankfully I did fantastic in all the other areas. I am not trying to brag.. just saying STUDY the official manual for many weeks in advance. It will really help make the difference!

    This is going to be harder than anything I have ever done. We already have loads of homework for our first classes on Monday. So much to memorize. Be ready for a huge challenge!!

    Good luck everyone!
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    Moved to FL State Nursing Programs for more response.
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    I just got in for the January in Palm Bay. I had 38 Points.
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    Congrats scook1989! I will be joining you in January. I too was accepted and I had 35 points.
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    I just got in for Jan 2013, I had 30 pts and a high TEAS V score (80% overall, 90% Reading). The ATI guide is what I would def recommend and if you can get into it the Nursing success skills course (it's 5 additional points) and write an essay for 2 points.
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    Scook1989, If your interested there is a group of us on fb that we are trying to get together to meet and chat before orientation and classes.