Anyone work in the Mobile Pool for Baycare? or Agency travel here

  1. I am considering the Mobile Pool with Baycare in the Dunedin (Tampa/Clearwater) area. I see they have homecare and floor positions. Was hoping to get a little information from someone that has worked with them.
    Have also received calls from travel agency companies and would love to hear anyones experience for this area.
    Thank you!
    It is difficult to find salary information for this area ...
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  3. by   gemberly
    I do. Pm me and I will answer when I get home.
  4. by   baxt86
    I highly recommend the mobile pool. There is the resource pool and there is also contract pool, so it is very flexible. Pay is great. They tell you everything upfront when you call the recruiter. Does anyone know about any other hospital systems who have their own in-house pool recruiters? I am interested in finding other hospitals that offer contracts preferably in the northeastern and the southwestern states.
  5. by   eymilin
    I have only ever worked for Baycare mobile Pool and enjoyed working in their 3 NICUs. Don't know of anywhere else that has a similar setup.