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Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

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    Wow that is crazy you didnt get in! I have a lower teas than u ...not looking so good for me either then but mybgpa is 3.8 so maybe that helps. Well good luck in lpn!

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    Just out of curiosity did you guys both take the teas V? I've been told that the teas V carries a little more weight because it is harder. Don't know if that's true just what I've heard.
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    yes i took teas 5. its cool like i said i knew my gpa was low so it was a long shot. thats why i applied for lpn as backup plan. i had a c in one of my prereqs from 12 years ago... after this semester i will have all pre and coreqs done so i can go straight into rn bridge. should take me the same exact amount of time as the rn students from what i have been told...
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    Well congrats on getting this started. Best wishes to you.
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    I got my denial letter today its was definitley a rough day for me. And yes took teas 5 i had a higher score on teas 4 until they decided to tell me 2 weeks before the deadline that they didnt accept teas 4 anymore. So good luck to those who got accepted!
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    The TEAS V was hard for me because someone told me that it was like a CPT basically- so I go in there without even studying thinking im going to pass and totally bomb the science and math, especially the science. I didnt study as much as I should and didnt even take my pre reqs until after I took the TEAS which was not smart because I have been learning things that have been all over the science portion this past year. Still gotta do my co reqs which is a bummer, so I am trying to find out how to do it the fastest way possible!

    If anyone needs any info on physicals and immunizations---- Care One is offering $25 physicals. Its just a walk in clinic but you can call and make same day appointments. And its open on the weekends until 5- weekdays until 8 or 9pm.
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    Also the estimated costs on the "extra things you need" list is very out of range. You can find basically everything on that list for way cheaper than that! I mean white nursing shoes $50?? Watch $20? Yeah ok- Walmart/Ebay here I come!! My stepkids started a money jar for me that they are putting all their coins into so they make sure I go to college! Lol Got married this year so hoping my benefits with financial aid havent gone away-- been paying for classes out of pocket, so hopefully I get some help with this program.
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    @Kt1830- I'm right there with you. It was definitely a rough day. Actually thought of just dropping this semester which are the last of my coreqs. We'll get in next time:-)
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    Yea it ran through my head as well.Last of my co reqs as well. But dont give up! We will definitley get in next time. Just sucks how long we'll be waiting.
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    @kt1830 it's the damn teas that kills me. Guess I'm going to take next semester off and learn that teas guide as much as possible.

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