Anyone applying for the PHCC Spring 2013 RN/LPN program - page 5

Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

  1. by   pmwsc2fl
    Not sure what the tie breaker is. I would imagine it is the indicator for passing the nclex since a lot of a schools reputation surrounds the percentage that pass from what I understand. When it comes to data, that could be anything. Lol
  2. by   dlf0304
    According to admissions letters started getting mailed out last Friday Sept 28th. Fingers and toes crossed for everyone
  3. by   Tiffany Delaney
    Awesome! Guess we all will stalk the mail box and post on here as we get the letters!

    Good luck everyone! Everything happens for a reason.

    Hope to get it and get this ball rolling already.

    Does anyone know when the orientation might take place? Or when the deadline is to reply to the letters to say wether we accept or not? and how many alternates they usually pick?
  4. by   Jen-G
    So exciting!!! I only applied to RN since the LPN program didnt work with my schedule.

    @rnwannabe- my mail can come anywhere between 11 and 3!!! Plus I'll be at work tomorrow so unless my husband checks the mail for me, you may find out sooner. Either way I'll be sure to be on here cyber stalking all of you from work waiting to hear the good news!
  5. by   Jen-G
    Tiffany- no I dont know the deadlines, orientation or anything. I'm going one step at a time so I can't think of anything but that darn letter
  6. by   kt1830
    I too will be stalking this page tomorrow so everyone make sure you post if you get the letter tomorrow! I live six minutes away from where I work... So if I get it in I will be taking my lunch break to head home really hoping we all get in!!
  7. by   Conquestadorf
    As soon as I get my letter I am going to return it to school the same day to accept

    If its a denial letter I'm going to lock my self in the bathroom and self destruct
  8. by   rnwannabe75
    I'm wishing everyone the best of luck, you all seem like a great bunch of people.
    I'm so going to be stalking the mailbox & this thread. If I get a denial letter I'll probably be laying out in my front lawn crying until my husband gets home, maybe I better wait to open it until I'm in the house... ugh I'm sooooo anxious
  9. by   Conquestadorf
    I wonder if they started sending out the letters Friday , or they finished it?

    Does anyone know someone that works in west campus admissions ?
  10. by   Tiffany Delaney
    I think on a normal day my mail is normally here by now. (LOL) Thank goodness the mail truck for my neighborhood is kind of loud so I can here it from inside. I was just wondering about the deadline and the alternates so I can not give up total hope if I get a denial letter and get an alternate letter. I can eat my sorrows away with some halloween candy, if I get a denial letter. Or I can celebrate by eating some halloween candy. LOL

    One step at a time, sounds like the best idea. (especially for my blood sugar)
  11. by   Conquestadorf
    Someone do a favor for us all; Ive already called there enough times this is the extension of the lady at phcc that is in charge of sending out the letters 3261, can someone call down there and ask if they just started sending out the letters on friday or they finished sending them out on friday?

    And post the answer when your done.
  12. by   pmwsc2fl
    Ok, so mail just came and no letter. The wait continues....
  13. by   HopefulAmanda
    No letter!