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Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

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    Well Said "The Ghost"
    I am also nervous. Who is doing or willing to share that they are doing rounds at Bayonet Point this semester?

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    For all the lpns out there where would I register for the tease test? I attended the west campus and am unsure where to go. Also where is the test taken?
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    Hello All,
    I hope you made it into the program and are enjoying it. I will be applying to PHCC's LPN program for the Fall Semester in Brooksville. I live in Beverly Hills (Citrus County) and I was wondering if anyone who lives outside of Pasco and Hernando County has made it into the program, since they give preference to county residents. I've been diligently studying for the TEAS and I hope to get a very competitive score (probably 92-96%+ based on the practice tests that I've taken so far), but I don't know if this will be enough to outweigh my out-of-county status. Thank you for any insight you can offer.
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    Quote from rnwannabe75
    I found a nursing exam study guide that helped me increase my science portion from a 60 something to 87.5%. If anyone would like for me to email it to them either post your email or private message it to me. Its loaded on my computer. Just DO NOT study the math section. I found a lot of mistakes in it & my math score dropped some, the TEAS V book is pretty sufficient for math.
    I would be interested in getting the prep for the science portion. My email address in Thanks in advance.
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    I was going to apply but they wouldn't let me due to the fact my GPA was 2.476! TEAS was Advanced! Now to be an LPN forever!
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    Anyone from East Campus in their second semester on here? I am in the first semester and need a little bit of guidance...greatly appreciated.
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    I did west campus and already graduated. You may want to send an email thru canvas to you class and see if anyone wants to create a study group. That helped a lot of us pull thru it.

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