Any Miami Dade College students going for the acceler. or Generic option fall 2009?

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    I am currently at Miami Dade College fulfilling prerequisites in order to apply for the Nursing program that starts fall 2009. I'd like to be in touch with other career changers who after getting a bachelor's in a non-nursing field decided to pursue the program at Miami Dade College.

    Thanks for your interest!

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    I am also applying to Miami Dade. I have been a teacher for 3 years. I am applying to the Generic program because I have heard so many horror stories about the accelerated. Yeah I would love to finish in a year but four months longer is not going to hurt me. I want to maintain some sort of sanity.
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    Hi tracie0305 and MDC2009...I too am a teacher (for the past 8 years) and am SICK of our school district in Miami, so I went back to school last fall to begin my prerequisites for the Generic Part Time program. I am actually applying for this coming fall...I just have to finish up Chemistry & Microbiology...

    Because I have 2 kids...I have to continue to I have to apply for the Part Time program...


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    Hey Teech2Nurse,

    I know exactly how you feel. I am counting down the days for the year to be over. I have been teaching only three and ready to go.

    I pray I get in for the fall. I am also applying to BCC.

    Just make sure to stay on top of Chemistry because you can fall behind very quickly. Microbiology was a lot of memorization and reading but you should do fine with both. You definitely want to get A's because it is really competitive to get in.
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    Hello MDC2009, Tracie0305 and Teech2nurse,

    I am new to the site but I am currently taking Micro and Chem and I am pretty sure I will get an A in all classes (that's my average so far) . I already applied but am afraid of this competitive process to be accepted. I applied to the generic part time program. I work and have children so I have to work no doubt. Does anyone have any information on the part time program. Like the days, hrs, how many ppl are accepted into the program each yr and most importantly the GPA needed. I will be at a 3.53 once this semester is over............and i am still PETRIFIED.............
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    hi 30 NCN.

    I too just applied to the part time generic program (28, married w/ 2 toddlers)...I spoke with my professor last weekend (he is also an advisor at the medical campus...Professor Robert Olton) and he mentioned that the Part Time program is usually one day during the week and all day on Saturdays (once you are admitted).

    I am currently finishing up A&PII and the A&PLab...and am registered for Chem, Chem lab, and Micro during the summer. The only problem I encountered was that partime students are only admitted in the Fall so if you do not apply for this fall you have to wait until next year.

    Good luck and let me know if you hear anything differently...

    thanks! Teech2Nurse
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    Hi you guys I'm interested in applying to MDC for August 09 as well (basic and accelerated). I have to take the CPT test. I'm nervous because my cumm GPA is low, but I did okay in my pre-reqs. I live in the central florida area currently, if I get accepted what's the best area to live in not too far from the medical campus?
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    I live in broward so I have no idea as far a Miami...It might take you a while in order for you to feel a certain area.

    If you dont want to commute then ofcourse you should move closer to the school but if you dont mind driving 30 minutes (like me) then you might want to consider South Broward like Miramar, Pembroke Pines areas though you might run into a bit of congestion in those areas.
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    I dont suggest taking Microbiology and Chemistry together unless you have two great teachers. One has to offset the other. It's alot of reading in Microbiology but if you paid attention in Anatomy II then you should do well. But since you can't technically apply till next year why dont you pace yourself and enjoy part of the summer no rush. Wish you could have applied now gotta have a support group that really wants to do what you are doing and cares alot about their school :( Good luck though.....
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    does anybody has an idea of how many people already apply for the 2009 fall semester. the registration will be close may 1st and the wait is killing me.

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