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  1. First off, I am brand new to this forum.... I found it in some link off a search engine where i typed in "How do I become a Nurse Practitioner" (which is my ultimate gl in life). I know I want to be a nurse.. there are no if ands or buts about it.. even if it takes me 20 years... I'll trudge through. I have some seirous questions though. Granted my school (University of Central Florida) probably has different standards and methods in becoming a nurse that you are aware of, but if you can bare with me and offer any help possible, that'd be great.

    Let me tell you where I stand: I am a freshman at UCF and look to apply to the School of Nursing (of which I understand is very competitive) next fall of 2004. At the same time however, I will be looking into applying to many other schools just so I have options open if I do not get in.

    Upon hopefull admission, I will be earning my BSN (2 years later???)....and upon earning the degree this, (im assuming)getting my RN lisence. I ultimetly want to become a Nurse Practitioner in Neonatology. Now how to I go about doing this...

    Getting my MSN.......
    Then..... NP lisence....
    Do I need clinical work inbetween all of this.....?
    The only NP lisence for Neonatology in the state of Forida is only offered at University of FLorida... So when should I look to transfer?
    ....Before I enter nursing school so I can work primarily on my degree in one setting (i.e. Shands Hospital)?
    Should I transfer?

    I dont want to overwhelm any of you ... so i will ask more questions later.... any help will be greatly appreciated... Thanks you sooo much
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  3. by   vemiliob
    Ok, J.G., probably I'm not the best person to give you an advice. My colleagues of Fl will give you exact information about schools, and steps. I personally started an RN program of three years doing a partial timework from the very beginning, followed by the BSN program of three more years that I did in four. Everything depends on your survival necessity. If you don't have economical problems, I would suggest you to take the long way. Go straight to the BSN (four to five year program). If you already need a job, became first an LPN. However, whatever you decide, think twice about the responsibility of becoming a Nurse. You will be neither a Paramedic nor a Doctor. You will be a person-dedicated fulltime to the care, nursing, teaching, advocating and many more verbs of individuals, relatives and community all. Sometimes all your job consists only in allowing a person to end his/her life with dignity. In addition, for that you need to have a strong heart, a mature mind and a very profound vocation of service. Just think about it and good luck!
  4. by   versatile_kat

    the best thing for you to do at this point is FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS on your core science classes. You're old enough to start thinking seriously about what you want to accomplish later in life and young enough to be proactive about the pathway! I graduated from FSU almost 5 years ago and am about to start a CRNA program at UNC. If I had known what I know now (mainly about what the graduate programs are looking for) I would have spent a lot more time studying, and a lot less time developing collateral circulation around my liver .

    You can look into other schools around the nation that have your NP program and see what they want in terms of prerequisites, but I wouldn't worry about that now. Concentrate on keeping your GPA up so you'll have less worries later when applying to grad school.

    It would probably be easier to apply to a graduate school in Florida instead of another state (they like taking in-state students), and even easier for you if you go to nursing school at UF. You may want to take all your prereq's at UCF and then try to transfer to UF (even though I'm a Seminole, they also have a great nursing program) ... but don't give up on school's in other states! They may have an even better NP program!

    Good luck and try not to concentrate too hard on things 4 years down the road ... focus on the immediate future!
  5. by   NurseNancyNP
    Check out UF's con.ufl.edu website. They have RN to BSN-MSN, an accelerated BSN, BSN to MSN and accelerated BSN to PhD programs. Each program that includes earning a Master's degree, allows for your choice of Neonatal NP. They do not require nursing experience for the programs. Contact the program for more info. Good Luck!