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HiEveryone! I am gatorguy3380, and I am planning on applying to the UF Accelerated BSNprogram beginning in 2013! I have been steadily working my way through my prerequisites and am studying for my... Read More

  1. by   GatorLove
    Q: Favorite Food?
    A: I don't have a favorite: Wierd I know.

    Q: Favorite hobby outside of nursing? (We are going to need these to keep us sane next year!)
    A: Baking

    Q: Birthplace?
    A: Florida

    Q: Current residence?
    A: Gainesville

    Q: Type of nursing you want to pursue?
    A: Eventually ARNP in family practice/labor and delivery. Still exploring options but I am most interested in these areas.

    Q: What made you want to pursue nursing?
    A: I also wanted a job where I could have a family one day. Also through my volunteer experiences, I realized nursing; not PA or MD was the path I'd rather follow.

    GatorGuy- I am a stats person too! Thanks for the info. I also think they may have less applicants (who knows)- I have a few friends who accidently missed the deadline; it used to be in February, and I think that threw people off and many people missed the december deadline.
  2. by   ddl77
    Q: Favorite Food?
    A: Tough one... I like all kinds of food, though I don't eat beef/pork/chicken (you can consider me a pescatarian). Although I love cooking and enjoy making all kinds of healthy food, I also have a weakness for ice cream.

    Q: Favorite hobby outside of nursing? (We are going to need these to keep us sane next year!) A: Hobestly, I'd say spending time with my pet parakeet. He's actually as social as a dog or cat, is trained, and can say a few words.

    Q: Birthplace?
    A: Illinois

    Q: Current residence?
    A: North-central Florida

    Q: Type of nursing you want to pursue?
    A: I have a strong interest in epidemiology so I'd love to specialize in Infection Control/Infectious Disease Nursing. But I also want to pursue a graduate degree in Nursing, likely DNP in the future because I can also see myself as an Adult NP.

    Q: What made you want to pursue nursing?
    A: I knew I wanted to pursue a health profession and nursing has such a range of opportunities available professionally, it was the right fit for where I saw myself in the future. Plus, with all of the options available to nurses, I knew I could continue to learn and grow throughout my career.
  3. by   ddl77
    And gatorguy, thanks for the calculation! That's sort of what I assumed based on talking with the UF CON and I think what will really make the difference is our essays and resumes - they seem to consider the applicant as a whole, their goals, experiences, etc. to determine if they will be a good fit for the program.
  4. by   gatorguy3380
    Has anyone talked to the CON and confirmed that our decisions will be out at the end of the month? I was just wondering if anyone had any updates from Ken or any of the other staff. Last year there were many delays, they were supposed to hear at the end of February and did not get final word until April.
  5. by   jriver38
    last i talked with ken he said sending out letters at the end of feb
  6. by   gatorguy3380
    Thanks J, when did you last talk to him?
  7. by   docosa
    Quote from gatorguy3380
    Avg GPA: (I averaged the overall, masters level, or upper division GPA that was provided; I took which ever was higher) 3.67

    Pre req GPA: 3.7

    GRE: 152V 153Q

    (sorry for my grammer docosa and sorry for more stats talk spkgator....I am a stats guy!)
    If your numbers are indeed right then I'm in a good position. I'll take any shread of encouragement I can get!

    I'm not sure what my GPA is for my 60 most recent credits, but my last BS GPA was 3.8. My pre-req GPA is 4.0 and that ain't too shabby. On the GRE I scored 164V 151Q. I don't even remember if it was 164 or 165 for verbal . . . feels like it was years ago but it has only been a few months.

    I pretty much bombed the writing section, however. I didn't study for it at all. UF says they don't count your GRE writing score yet they clearly asked for it on the application. I was told it was optional but maybe they mean it is optional in the sense that applying to the program is optional. Sure, you don't have to apply and you also don't have to be a nurse; it is optional!
  8. by   gatorguy3380
    The writing portion was optional, at least that it what it says on their website. I did not do it and have not been told by the CON that there is any problem.

    Sounds like you are in a good position to me! I am fully expecting to hear something soon!
  9. by   GatorLove
    I asked today when we would hear and the response was that the letters will go out within the next week, so that could mean, today, tomorrow, or 7 days from now. Regardless, we will know soon! YAY!
  10. by   ddl77
    Anyone else get an email about summer/fall registration from the provost? Not sure if its related to me being currently enrolled in their graduate certificate program in public health or if its a sign of good news coming from the nursing program?
  11. by   gatorguy3380
    I haven't received an email like you are talking about, but I also am not a UF student.
  12. by   GatorLove
    I did...but I am also a UF student.
  13. by   ddl77
    I'm not gonna infer anything from it, just curious.