Where to see how many CEUs you have so far?

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    I'm a new nurse, got my License Feb. '08 and needs to be renewed on April '09 (14 mos only). Is there a site where I can find how may CEUs I got so far??? I know I got some at work, BLS, ACLS...

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    It's up to you to keep track of your CEUs. I keep all of my info in a binder at home. From my understanding most states don't ask that you keep your hours in a log with them, they just ask for hours when they audit you. But contact your state BON if you have any other questions or just want clarification.
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    Agree with above poster: you need to keep your own records. I too have a folder where I keep my CEUs, classes I teach, etc. Good luck.
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    Western Schools will keep a log of ceu's you earn through them. hth's

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