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Hey everyone! I know that there have been previous threads related to this subject, but I haven't been able to find any updated/recent threads pertaining to my question. I'm a new grad nurse with a BSN, and I'm looking for... Read More

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    Hi Rosewater71,

    I actually applied there before, lol but never received a response (hubby wanted to stay back so I guess its all for the better) but how is it tho? Honestly, as much as he didn't want to move before, I am considering it again. How did yo transfer your license and what was the cost? How is the hospital, which unit do you work in, what are the pros and cons of your experience, the training, the danville area, the schools/daycare for kids, the life, the cost of living? Sorry about my million and one questions, lol.

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    Have you thought about applying on Long Island? I know Winthrop had a new grad program.

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