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  1. monolithwolf21

    Should I stay or should I go?t

    Thanks for the advise, on getting more experience before relocating. It sounds like the wisest thing to do. Honestly, I did not want to leave my last job. I was left in a predicament of having my insurance raised to a stupid amount just because it was part time. If I took my jobs insurance, I would have no paycheck left! It actually raised the premium so high that I couldn't afford seeing a doctor or getting needed meds. I pretty much left with no choice but to get full time with benefits.
  2. monolithwolf21

    Narcan now available at Walgreen's

    Sorry if this sounds silly, but it's probably a good thing to know. What do they usually do for those that have encountered herion that's cut with fentanyl? I have heard narcan doesn't work?
  3. monolithwolf21

    Everyday Nurse problems

    Pretty much the same deal here...
  4. monolithwolf21

    Everyday Nurse problems

    Probably a big problem is the cost of keeping up with later software/equipment, especially for merger hospitals in a rural or poorer area trying to survive. I realize upgrading is a huge cost. Where I have worked the technology is about 12 years old or more. A lot of times I would find myself back on paper MAR or my work wouldn't be saved. It crashed a lot during the night & I remember sometimes it wasn't back on for the next couple days till the fixed it. It wasn't a bad system when it worked though.
  5. monolithwolf21

    Should I stay or should I go?t

    Hi! I'm having some difficulty with decisions at the moment. I have done roughly 7 months at a nursing home & left not that long ago. I have always loved traveling & have looked into it & yes, I know.. I need at least a full year or more, I was shot down. 😩 Since that wasn't possible I have continued on with local jobs & became pretty excited seeing a surgical tech job that sounds possible after being told I am getting a 2nd interview. I don't hold my breath though, I've been disappointed before. I'm sure any of you that have worked in OR realize there usually is a commitment to taking a job there since you had to go through the very-long training program. The job itself sounds like something I would like nor do I mind the program. My only problem is I'm unhappy with my area. I guess I'm looking at it from the view of "would I really want spend the rest of career life in NY?" I wouldn't know if I'm passing up something good or I should focus more on relocating to a less saturated area and hopefully warmer. So what would you do,maybe when you were at the point of being a young adult trying to become independent or when you first started/early in your career?
  6. monolithwolf21

    Where can I get these certifications?

    Hi nurses, I was wondering where can I learn the following skills to help build my resume, I feel like I'm missing out on jobs since I have not learned these skills while in school. -EKG -drawing blood -IV Im located in Albany, NY area. Thanks
  7. Hi neuro Nurses! I'm an Ltc/hospice LPN wondering if you please could shead some light as to what's going on & give pointers with ischemic strokes, since I'm not an expert? My 95 year old grandmother had one this past August. To try to make a long story short, she has been in the hospital since late August in neuro icu & is currently still there in a step down.It has been a steady decline in her condition between earlier in admission she would have normal stroke periods of lots of deep sleep & random energy bursts of being awake & eating. Around Labor Day weekend this pattern has stopped & she went into coma like state, pain stimuli didn't work. She stopped eating & anything near her mouth including a wet sponge she will lock her mouth tight. At this point, the doctor d/c all her reg meds, which were mainly for a-fib & htn.From that point on, a palliative doc overtook her care. About three weeks ago she started to show the classic s&s of actively dying & her pupils are dilated & non reactive, so we think she could have had another stroke? She was put on morphine/Ativan for discomfort/ rapid breathing. During these last 3 weeks her respiration's have been all over the place. The lowest being 2-4,4-6 next day back to 10-12?! No, I'm not joking on that one. Sorry so long folks, I'm just very confused as to what's going with my grandma. I guess it bothers me that she is lingering in an unpleasant state. It has been very difficult for my mom.
  8. monolithwolf21

    Updated NYC New Graduate Nursing jobs?

    I know this is an old post here but I want to put my 2 cents. I'm feeling the " musical chair game" big time up here in upstate NY. You aren't alone dealing with that down in the city. I've been an LPN since this past August. Too many interviews to count & they lead to think I was hired on to be let down. Had one offer & the health insurance was a joke. Nothing personal about it. Every major hospital up here merges with each other. Who's kidding who NY?!
  9. monolithwolf21

    The saddest day of my life.

    Hi everyone, I am new to this site. I am a first year RN student and it is the end of my first semester ( nursing 101). This whole semester has been a nightmare. In an acute care setting there are so many errors in documenting. For example, I have to research my patient the night before 1 st clinical day and MD orders were still in effect for this patient to have a tube feeder, cath, a vent. So, clinical day comes and before I meet my patient I go look on the computer chart for any changes and those orders were still in effect. I walk in patients room and they had none of those things. All they had on was a Holter monitor and nasal cannula. This patient also was in isolation with MRSA. Instructor said oh well I wasn't supposed to give you a isolation patient yet. I also noticed this patient was a diabetic and was on a regular diet which I knew was wrong. I questioned the RN and my instructor, no one didn't do anything. In the mean time this lady's glucose was out of sight. My instructor didn't even believe me that my patient didn't have a feeding tube anymore and called me a liar and that I didn't assess my patient well enough. Instructor had to go see for herself and saw I was telling the truth. As the semester went on things got worse and I was getting blamed for changing another patient's oxygen liters and documenting the wrong amount. The RN decided to change it from 2 to 3L, I didn't change it so I document it as 2. They say if you didn't do it, don't document it! Even my instructor said to doc as 2L. Well I did and I was blamed for putting 2 and not 3 listening to my instructor. Then the next day comes and I can't do a sterile dressing change alone yet. So I tell RN stay with me and supervise me, my teacher is nowhere to be found. SO Rn stands in room with me while I prepare sterile field and put on sterile gloves then I hear her say I will be right back. 2 minutes later, my teacher comes in furious with me and blames me for attempting a dressing myself. I can't control the RN!! She runs out and that's my fault??? I'm standing there like an idiot not sure what to do thinking RN was coming back. I got written up for the oxygen error and attempting a sterile dressing without being supervised, yet my classmate did something similar with doing a procedure (enema) without instructor but RN was present and didn't get in trouble. RN's don't count as supervisors only instructors. They didn't say that was a rule until I got written up! So you would still get in trouble doing a procedure even if RN is present. Only thing is, my classmate didn't get written up but I did. I feel that's unfair, on my evaluation they said that I didn't even notify RN I needed supervision and I did notify her. They lied again! So yesterday I had my clinical evaluation for end of 101 and well, I got dismissed for these 2 incidents.!! After I caught on to the hospital's errors, my instructor had an attitude change towards me. There were many lies on my evaluation, I even found more as I went through my old documents. I called the dean and my hearing was arranged right away for tomorrow. At this point I am not even sure if I should ask to go back as a student I don't even feeling I was graded fairly. The exams difficulty felt fair but the grading wasn't, everyone couldn't get higher than 70's except these three students get 90's every time??? I have been called untrustworthy, an unprofessional, and I practice in an unsafe manner. The instructor said that I should NOT even bother for a hearing, I will lose and not to be trusted AND that she will step herself out of the hearing and have no part in it. Yes, those were her EXACT words. My self- esteem is shot. The floor was so messed up that a week after I reported the errors in the hospital, there was a meeting on that floor with the staff and case managers. You mean to tell me I am unsafe and dishonest when they put me on a floor of chaos?? They expect us students to be perfect in a very unperfect environment... So my hearing is tomorrow. I'm not sure after this experience if I should continue nursing or go with something else. I am 19 years old and graduated high school with honors in 2011 with presently 30 college credits which I earned just to get myself in this very hard program. Now that's over. I am very heartbroken I don't what to do....