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Hey everyone! I know that there have been previous threads related to this subject, but I haven't been able to find any updated/recent threads pertaining to my question. I'm a new grad nurse with... Read More

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    did u end up getting a job?
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    sadly, I am here. and am seeking to get the dirt, or pearls of NYC nursing life? JON
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    YES musical chairs. one persons 'advice' turns out to be the majorities 'We Don't Accept that'. The Nurse recruiters don't see you unless you have an appointment, no appointment unless the Clinical Nurse Manager likes your resume. NO prior experience....ie 'poor resume'.
    I tried to get into hemodialysis here in NYC. a fun series of go there, go there, go there etc. You know, when they offer you a number/contact, and that starts a Jacob's ladder of nothingness. Or tell you, as a 'New Nurse' to get your CNN (Certified Nephrology Nurse) and then push that credential hard and often on my business card. hahahahaha
    the joke? research showed it takes 3000 Clinical hours, i.e working full-time 1.5 years to gain the required hours TO EVEN APPLY to the exam. fun. a tad disingenuous.
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    hmm, would love to talk. New RN MSN here in NY. not much luck just yet.
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    I am a May 2012 grad and ideally wanted to work in NYC where I was born and raised, but I decided to stay and work for the hospital affiliated with my nursing school, 60 miles away. With networking and connections I made while there, I had a job by graduation time. It is not impossible, you just have to be savvy and know that you have competition and not be picky about what you want to do for work. Networking is everything. Churning out resumes online into black holes is no longer a golden ticket. People hire who they know or who know people they know. That is just a fact. Now that I have experience, I will continue to network and finally land a place in NYC like I originally wanted. I know it wont be easy but you cant give up.
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    Recent agreement with the federal government that will bring eight billion in Medicaid funds to NY requires the state to reduce inpatient hospital beds by a certain percentage. There is an opinion by some that NYC in particular Manhattan is over bedded, so you can guess what is coming down the pike. The push to reduce inpatient beds further will probably mean less hospital jobs for nurses, though there will be work in community or other settings such as urgent care or what Lenox Hill/NS-LIJ is calling the replacement for Saint Vincent's " comprehensive care" centers.
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    Totally agreed! I got my license in mid 2012, obtained two months of some temporary nursing experience at a clinic and haven't received any job replies, interviews, nada. I have been looking for all this time and volunteered twice in hopes of getting an opportunity with no luck. NYC is overrated and as much as I do believe they have jobs here for nurses, you need a hook, seriously. Not someone in HR, I mean the chief of whatever department for nursing. I know two people who got in this way and I had more experience than them. One was a family member; we don't even talk to this day because she claims they are not hiring at her hospital, even though I see job postings every week. If I was single, I would've moved to Texas but I have my family here and he doesn't want to move and we have our son so I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Sorry to sound all gloomy, but right now, it's in God's hands; if I get a nursing job offer, that would be a miracle but I am not banking on it.
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    Hi Rosewater71,

    I actually applied there before, lol but never received a response (hubby wanted to stay back so I guess its all for the better) but how is it tho? Honestly, as much as he didn't want to move before, I am considering it again. How did yo transfer your license and what was the cost? How is the hospital, which unit do you work in, what are the pros and cons of your experience, the training, the danville area, the schools/daycare for kids, the life, the cost of living? Sorry about my million and one questions, lol.
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    Have you thought about applying on Long Island? I know Winthrop had a new grad program.