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Shift report

  1. 0 Hello everybody. I am looking for some shift report sheets. I am looking for something organized that I can take report on and also add to during the day. The other nurse residence in my program are also looking for help!! I will pass this along! Thanks
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    cant find where to attach the report sheet

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    Here is my report sheet. I draw in columns on the back of this sheet to place pt labels and list PRNs.

    In the med column, I list what time my meds are due, for example

    21 24 04 06
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    Here's my report sheet. I made it so all I would have to do is circle the med times, diet, etc. This was my 1st version and I'm currently on my 6th revision. I keep customizing it as time goes by.
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    Thanks for posting the report sheets! These are great examples for new nursing students to learn!! Your generosity is certainly appreciated!!
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    Glad to help.
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    I write down EVERYTHING I am told, then I have a to do list that's on my clipboard so if during report I'm told I need to get a UA I write that down, or that I need to follow up with a doc, I write it down. Best advice I can give you.