Recent grad-taking a year off?

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    Hey everyone, I just recently graduated and am going to take a year off to work for a missions organization. Anyone have thoughts about a year off, or things I should keep up on?

    Yes I am still taking my boards!
    And I know that I will have to renew my license this year.


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    Normally, I'd say it's career suicide to take a year off after graduation, because when you come back you be an old new grad that will have to compete against fresh new grads for jobs...and employers tend to prefer the fresh ones over the stale ones.

    That being said, working for a missions organization does add a new twist--it's not as though you're spending that year on the couch (or whatever one would be doing when taking time off), but instead will have something to put on the resume. It may make things better for you when you return to the job hunt in a year, or it may put you squarely in the dilemma listed above.

    Is what you will be doing for the mission nursing related?
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    I hate to discourage you from mission work, but I do believe that it would be career suicide. The current job market for nurses is very, very tight. As was said previously, you will be an "old" new grad, competing with "new" (i.e., fresh) new grads. I think it will be very difficult to obtain a position on your return.

    Could you work a couple of years and then take a year off?
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    I am afraid for you. The job market is really tough right now, but maybe a medical missions position would count as nursing experience. If you are not working as a NURSE for this organization, I think you need to rework your plans.
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    Being a recent grad in the last two years I would agree with others that you should not take a year off so soon and should focus on building a foundation for your practice. Unless your mission work is nursing related it will hurt your chances finding your first nursing job. However, it isn't impossible.
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    Will you be doing anything nursing wise on your mission? Will it help your resume? Otherwise I think you should reconsider your timing. Get a year of experience first and then go on a mission. Otherwise you might have a really hard time finding a job when you come back. It is so hard to remember what you learned in school and apply it in the real world when you DONT have a year break in between. People have done it and been successful, so it is not impossible. But it will make it a lot harder on yourself.
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    As the other posters have said, it depends HEAVILY on what you will be doing for the mission. If you're traveling around doing rural health clinics - you're good. If you're not doing something nursing related- I'd wait, for all the reasons above.

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