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Hi all, I want your advice on my situation. I am toward the end of my orientation and it has not been going well. Many of my problems are similar to those of new grad nurses here on the board. It primarily consists of critical... Read More

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    The situation you are in is very difficult. And making a decision is all the more difficult with the emotional upheaval you are probably feeling. I think you are on the right track in wanting to talk to someone in HR about your options. However, I still don't think mentioning ADHD is going to get you any special consideration, in fact, it will likely do the opposite. (Are you hanging on to that to excuse yourself from admitting your skill deficits? Please don't be insulted by this comment. It is natural to look for blame anywhere but with ourselves. I am tempted by that bait, too. I could blame a touch of OCD -- never diagnosed except by myself -- for my difficulty in organizing and managing time and tasks in nursing. But in reality, my best "excuse" is that I'm a new nurse! And it's hard for everyone! Not just you, not just me. Not due to ADHD or OCD, but to the challenging nature of the job even for the most talented among us! And sometimes is really is a bad fit, or you weren't in the right place mentally or physically to meet the challenge, etc, etc.)

    There -- now I've said it, but you may decide that doesn't fit you at all. Only you can be the judge.

    A couple of thoughts about resigning or being fired. You might go to your local unemployment office for some advice on that. Resigning will cause you to be ineligible for any unemployment, I think. That might be an issue. If you are offered another position in the company and refuse, that could affect eligibility also. On the other hand, if your secretary job had decent pay and working conditions, it could be valuable in keeping your head above water financially while you seek another nursing job. All things to consider.

    I can't blame you if you feel returning to your old position, even temporarily, would be a demoralizing step down. I do think that we have to advocate for ourselves and ask for what we want. If you want your orientation extended, ask. If you want another nursing job in the organization, ask. The worst that can happen is they will say "no." But no one is going to hand you a job in the work world these days. As others have said, there are too many unemployed waiting in line to step into your shoes in a heartbeat.

    Well, don't know if any of this helps. Take your time, get some good counsel and advice. And go for what you want!

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    WOW- this is very similar to my situation! MAJOR preceptor issues and my training/orientation did not follow policy. Perhaps you can call HR and sit down with them and explain. If your preceptors or managers haven't followed policy or haven't given you action plans to correct any deficiencies, you might get a reprieve. Since you have a good track record at this hosptial, see if HR can place you in another unit.

    Sometimes things aren't such a good fit. It is devastating to your ego, but at some point, you will look back on this as just a bad situation that put you through the ringer and made you smarter and more compassionate to other new grads.

    It absolutely stinks to be out of a paycheck so fast and left wondering what to do about your resume. Start looking for other jobs IMMEDIATELY, and even though nursing homes are difficult, a paycheck is a paycheck.

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