on forgetting...

  1. On my 2nd/3rd week on the floor. there's so much to remember...it's been quite frustrating. i forget even though i wrote some things down already..im embarrassed when my preceptor asks me a question she taught me a couple of days ago and i already forgot...i used to be proud of my ability to recall things---now, it seems that certain info easily slips through my memory.

    anyone experienced the same thing?
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  3. by   eatmysoxRN
    It sounds normal. You are having to learn a lot at once. Just write stuff down and absorb all you can. Be patient with yourself :-)
  4. by   WhereIsMyCallBell
    Same thing has happened to me while learning new job. There is TOO much to remember all at once. It's normal to forget everything taught in a day. In fact I read a scientific study about how our brains are not programmed to multi-task/multi focus. Just get up every day and do your best. It will all come together.
  5. by   Kitsha88
    It happens... No one can remember every little regulation/policy/process of a facility. I kept a tiny notebook (small enough to fit in pocket) with me to work everyday and try to put as many notes in it as possible to help me remember (and refer to) in the beginning
  6. by   SarcasticLVN
    I always forget things (but give it a moment or two it comes back).. I've had other people look at me like "what the heck how can you not know this" lol.. When someone asks me something on the spot it's even harder but them can remember it a moment later when I can collect my thoughts.. It takes a while to develop a multitasking nurses brain lol. It gets easier after a while.
  7. by   GonnaBSN
    I agree, you're normal. You have way too much info in your head to recall things off the cuff sometimes. Part of orientation and our first year is sorting thru all you know and figuring out what is relevant to your setting/patients/unit. For example, I'm on an ortho floor, and the other day my brain print out said my pt has history of CAD. I couldn't remember what that stood for. I knew it was in my brain somewhere, but I just has no idea... So I asked. Yes I got a funny look from my preceptor, but I don't care. Heart diseases are not top of mind on an ortho floor... Sometimes you can't get to the info in your brain because of the context. Dont worry about it. It's all about reporting! I can't tell you how many times I've asked, "what does WBAT mean again?" ... That acronym wouldnt mean a thing to a critical care nurse. (weight bearing as tolerated)
  8. by   GonnaBSN
    I meant to say, "it's all about repetition"
  9. by   turnforthenurse
    There is a big learning curve, especially for a new grad. Sounds pretty normal to me! It will all come together eventually.