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Hey all. I'm trying to put together a list of hospitals that offer nurse residency programs for new graduates. Here is what I have so far, please add any hospitals that you know of.. Seton Hospital - Austin, TX Georgetown... Read More

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    great list!!!

    i just saw this.....additional information on nurse residency programs is also located in another thread that is located at
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    The Valley Hospital, Ridgewood, NJ
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    Rush Medical Center in Chicago has a program. Any new grad who starts work there is automatically put into the residency program.
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    University of Colorado Hospital offers one, and there's another one up north in CO but I can't remember the name of it.
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    do you get paid while doing these residencies?
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    St. Vincent's in Indianapolis
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    Quote from whawk
    do you get paid while doing these residencies?
    For all of the ones I've looked at you do...
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    Hi ! am looking for the RN residency program in seattle( WA) and area .. so far no success ... I am not gonna give up but slowly loosing my hope ... looks like many hospitals shut down that program( Evergreen Hospital , Northwest hospital) and other ones have limited space( UW Medicine , Providence ). Thinking to start looking outside of the state
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    Quote from whawk
    do you get paid while doing these residencies?
    *** Of course. If they didn't pay you they would have to change the name to something other than "residency".
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    Thomas Jefferson University Hospital offers a residency program: Nursing at Jefferson Hospitals - Graduate Nurses

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