New Nurse Graduate Curious About Applying w/o health experience

  1. Hello everyone! I am new to this website which I have often checked out for my various questions. I graduated in NJ May 2008. I will be taking NCLEX within a month or so, but aside from my curiosity about acing the test, I would like to know if it is hard to get a job without having any related experience. Has anyone ever been in my predicament? I will be attending a career fair for new grads, RNs & nursing students & I feel my resume will appear so inadequate. I have always had jobs at offices, libraries, retail, & volunteer work at nursing homes (for recreation only), etc....I was never able to acquire a nursing assistant or patient care tech job. Is it hard to attain a job without any medical experience whatsoever? Thanks for any replies.
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  3. by   LadyEJ BSN, RN
    I share your fear...I bartended my way through nursing school. I graduate in December.
  4. by   play4lock
    I live in a pretty tough job market (bay area) and I have no relevent experience and still no job, and I've had my license since february. However some of my classmates in similar positions have landed jobs so my fingers are still crossed.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Yes, it may be difficult, but take solace in the fact that it is also difficult for those who have that experience. Get out there and go after a job. You will have to be persistent, but eventually you will get one. Good luck.
  6. by   Dalla
    I think it will be difficult too, mostly because of how the economy has turned and a lot of hospitals are on hiring freezes. LTC may be your best option, they are usually always looking for help. I think it may be especially hard for you since you graduated from your nursing program almost a year ago and haven't started working yet. I think employers will think that your skills are rusty. Soon there will be a new crop of new grads out there with fresh skills. I graduated in Dec. 2008, took NCLEX in Feb, and just started at a LTC in the rehab unit because the local hospitals aren't hiring anyone, let alone new grads with no experience. I also never had any medical experience - no CNA, LPN, etc.

    Best of Luck to you! I hope things work out.
  7. by   Jules A
    Really it depends on your area! In my area they are still hiring new grads without experience. If I read correctly and you graduated a year ago and haven't passed the boards yet that is going to be a bigger obstacle than your lack of experience, imo. Good luck.
  8. by   scadams29
    I agree with Jules A. I think it depends on the geographical area that you live and I think your biggest obstacle is that you graduated a year ago and haven't passed the boards yet. I graduated December 2008, took my boards and passed at the beginning of this month and started my position as an RN in a teaching hospital on the 16th of March 2009. I had no previous experience in a hospital. This a second degree for me, I worked full time in a law firm's IT department while attending nursing school and I was hired at the end of December 2008. It can be done. I wish you the best.
  9. by   Becky8
    What area are you in? Just curious where they are still hiring new grads. Thanks
  10. by   little_miss_hulk
    Thanks for your input scadams, it is great to hear you found a job! The reason it took so long after May 2008 is because we had to do practice questions of 100 each to a total of 1800 questions and pass with 85 percent in order to pass a very difficult exit exam, and that was when they release us to take NCLEX. Having to go through those difficult questions and also going through alot of family stuff at the time, it took me awhile and now I can't wait to do the NCLEX finally this month. I live in the NJ/NY area, and indeed I have had classmates without health experience get jobs. Even a recruiter at a job fair added during the interview that "yes we definetly hire grads, of course we expect many to not have experience". That gives me some relief I guess. Thanks to everyone who has been replying. =)