New grad RN with 26 years experience as LVN job hunting - page 2

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I will be sitting for the NCLEX-RN in 2 weeks and I have been reading over posts on this site. I am a bit discouraged due to the job market. My question for everyone is there a way to utilize my LVN experience to not be... Read More

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    Even though you are viewed as a "new grad" many places take your previous LVN history into account. In my ICU new grad glass, 3 of the 15 of us were prior LVNs...2 others had been EMTs prior. They actually stated they liked to hire people with previous medical experience. I let my LVN license lapse when I got my RN, never regretted it. It did not make a difference in pay, but it did make a difference in getting a job.
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