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  1. 0 I just passed NCLEX-RN yesterday. I am interested in finding a job in med-surg.
    I was wondering if anyone out there started out as a new grad on the med-surg. floor can tell me in detail about the orientation training. I am very nervous starting out and I would like to know what kind of training is provided orientation? Thank you.
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    You want to make sure you get adequate orientation and not "thrown to the wolves" which many new grads complain happened to them here on AN. Some facilities offer new grad orientation programs. I would expect 4-6 weeks of orientation.
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    Thank you. What does orientation consist of? I will ask my friends who are already working.
    Until then I was wondering.
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    For my orientation to med surg, I was assigned a preceptor and would follow her around the first couple of days. She showed me the basic layout of the day, how to use equipment, the charting system etc. Then she would assign me two or three patients in her group to care for and I would go to her if I had questions or needed help. I had my own patient load of 5 or 6 patients on days by four weeks, but was able to ask the charge for help if needed. If people needed more orientation or were not adjusting well, they would go back to having a preceptor.
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    Thanks for your reply naptimeRN !!!
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    Luckily for me I was hired onto a new graduate program that my provincial government funds. So I got hired by the hospital but I have my own preceptor for 6 months to help me transition into a FT position afterwards. It's amazing!

    I hope you get a good orientation, good luck!
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    I was hired onto a PCU floor, a bit higher acuity than Med-Surg (some call it ICU Stepdown). I had an eight week internship that combined both classroom learning and being on the floor with a preceptor. The classroom portion consisted of reviewing nursing school basics - med math, EKG readings, major body systems, most frequently seen health problems (ie: diabetes, COPD, CHF, pneumonia etc). By the end of the preceptorship I was handling four to five patients independently and I definitely felt ready (eager) to be on my own. The other nurses on my floor were still there as a resource. It took around 8 months to settle down and feel less anxious about my shifts.
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    Thank you guys for giving me an idea about orientation. I can't wait to start my orientation when I get a job.
    Then the next step would be to be independent nurse. I can't wait.
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    I just got a job on a med-surg floor but have not started yet. I am eager but nervous at the same time and hope I get a decent orientation period because it is has been years since I have been in a hospital setting. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly. I will add on to this post once I get on the floor and have more experiences. Good luck.
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    I just started on an oncology floor. This hospitals orientation is 8 weeks total. First week is paperwork and learning the system and such. Then when you start on the floor, the first week you shadow a nurse, the 2nd week you have 1 pt, 3rd week you have 2, and so on until you get to 6, which is the ratio at this hospital.

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