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Has anyone been turned down by a hospital nurse recruiter because you work in a long term care (LTC) facility (not an Acute experience)? Also, has anyone been told by a nurse recruiter that you... Read More

  1. by   Thank_You_RNs
    I haven't been here for quite sometime now. After reading all the post, it made me realize that the problem is not only here in California, but everywhere else. Just like everyone else who doesn't have enough acute experience, i'm still hopeful that one day, there will be a newly grad program awaiting for me in a hospital. However, as California HUGE budget deficit seems to be getting worse day by day, my hope of landing a hospital job is going down the drain. Some say by next year, there will be a hospital opening for newly RN this really true? Even if its true, how many openings will they have? Is it enough to accomodate the number of RN graduates? Probably not. Correct me if I am wrong but nowadays, we need inside connections in order for them to pull out our file and even be considered for a position. Do you really think that nurse recruiters will go thru each application one by one... Sorry for being to pessimist.
  2. by   job2010
    hi nurses!!! i'm new graduate as well. this is really problem now as i see all over the country. it's sad. where we can get experience if nobody wants to give us chance? unfortunately, this was not a good time to finish the school. but i'm sure everyone will find place its matter of time, just be positive and keep goingwe came here in the world of nurses and we have to stay here for those who needs us. good luck to all.
  3. by   smn2010
    while medical facilities may not be conducting a "new grad/nurse residency program" they are filling positions in arizona, new mexico and washington. i will now add nevada and texas (dallas, houston and austin). i have friends who have relocated (or will be relocating) to these states to start working as new nurses on various units. they are not part of the new grad programs that these hospitals normally have. they were hired directly into nursing units. most of them graduated in may 2009. none of them had previous nursing experience. they did a lot of networking (long-distance) and had very well prepared resumes/cover letters to represent their knowledge/skills/abilities.

    best of luck to all the new grads that seek employment. just be patient.
  4. by   Reno1978
    Quote from TristanT
    "many many positions..."
    I'm calling BS on this post. There are no jobs in LTC or ANYWHERE in Washington for new grads!!!
    We should all be on the pre-nursing school section of this site right now dissuading the poor innocents from even attempting to get into nursing to begin with.
    WA has jobs for new grads. Heck, the nurse recruiter where I work has been recruiting new grads from Portland. I don't think you can generalize the nursing culture of the entire state just because you aren't having luck finding a job wherever you are.
  5. by   smn2010

    Thanks so much for your post. Several have called my posts "BS" because I stated that several states are hiring new grads in Arizona, New Mexico and Washington. As you stated, people need to realize that just because they are having a hard time finding a job does not mean it is the same for everyone else. Additionally, one poster indicated that hospitals are not spending money to relocate new grads from out of state. This is so untrue. I have many friends that are in the process of relocating--or have already relocated--to other states...that are "supposedly" not hiring new grads...
  6. by   zebsmom2002
    I'm in the bay area (CA) and it's quite difficult to find a job, but my understanding is that there are many opportunities elsewhere in the state. It may be a similar situation in other areas. The individual may not be in a geographic area that's hiring right now, but there may be jobs a few hours away. Good luck.
  7. by   Reno1978
    As a nurse with 1 year of experience in the ICU, I was given a generous sign on bonus and had my relocation costs paid to move from NV to WA state. The benefits, compensation, and working conditions where I work are excellent!

    As far as new grads, we just opened a new/larger pediatric unit, and a new cardiac unit opens in December. Lots of new grads have been hired for the cardiac unit, medical, surgical, intermediate care/step-down, and we even take a few new grads in the ICU throughout the year, although most new ICU employees are experienced RNs from other ICUs or have at least 6 months experience on another floor in the hospital.

    I live in southeastern WA, and a friend of mine that just graduated from the ADN program here says that the new grads from his class, that decided to stay in this area, are employed. The ones that came here for school from larger areas like Portland or Seattle and have gone back looking for jobs are having difficulty.

    As far as the Bay Area, going to school in NV, I thought about moving there after school, but after touring some hospitals and talking with the recruiters, it's such a sought after location to work that they have the ability to be very particular and require years of experience and they'll still get loads of qualified applicants, which essentially pushes new grads to the side. I think people who have a few years experience are much more able to find a job in that area. I have a good friend from Reno who recently landed a job at UCSF and one of my classmates (I graduated 12/2007) just moved to the North Bay and had no problem landing a nice job. Makes me wanna head to Cali!