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  1. I just graduated and got my license in AZ. However, I've accepted a job in Maryland. These are both compact states, but I'm unsure how to make sure I have a multistate license. I understand that I do not need to get my license endorsed because my primary state or residence (and where I currently have my license) is a compact state, as is the one I'm moving to.
    Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to make sure I can practice in Maryland??

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  3. by   chare
    If you are a legal resident of AZ, when you are issued your AZ license, it should grant you multi-state privileges.

    The Nursing License Compact (NLC) works similar to a driver’s license. As long as you maintain residency in the state in which you maintain a NLC license with multi-state privileges, you can work in any of the other NLC states on that license. As residency is a requirement for a multi-state license, If/when you relocate, with a change of residency, what happens to your NLC multi-state license depends on which state you move to. If you move to a non-NLC state, then your original license remains active as a single state license, allowing you to practice in that state only. As you are moving to MD, another NLC state, when you apply for licensure, MD will allow you to work for 90 days on your AZ license. When you receive your MD license, which should also be grant you multi-state privileges, your AZ license becomes inactive as you can only hold one NLC multi-state license at a time.

    Best wishes on your upcoming relocation.
  4. by   Rose_Queen
    For a compact license, the license must be in the state where your legal residence is. If you currently live in AZ, your license is good in any compact state- for as long as you live in AZ. If you move to any non-compact state, your license is no longer a compact license but rather a single state license that can only be used in AZ. If you move to any other state that is also a compact state, you must apply for licensure by endorsement because that is now your state of legal residence. You will then have a compact license in your new state of legal residence.
  5. by   elkpark
    If you applied for and got licensure in Arizona and you [U]live[U] in Arizona, your license has multi-state privileges. However, if you're moving to Maryland, you'll need to apply for Maryland licensure unless you are going to be maintaining a permanent residence in Arizona. The compact rules require that you can only hold licensure in one compact state at a time, and it must be in your "home" state (where you maintain a permanent residence).

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  6. by   Pixie.RN
    Also, if you are military (or even a military spouse) and your home of record is a compact state, you can hold a compact license and physically dwell for military reasons outside of that home of record compact state.

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