It's never too late!

  1. I went back to school for an AAS RN program at my community college in 2011. I worked my butt off on prereqs and got into a "fast track". I remember telling my husband when doing the pros and cons of going back to school .. "I'll be almost 37 by the time I graduate" he said you'll be 37 either way. Here I sit 5 days from turning 37 (8/28) and a fresh graduate with a job as a MedSurg nurse nights starting in a few wks. I'm so glad I went back. My husband was right I'm turning 37 either way. Thank god I'm turning 37 as a nurse and not 37 still wishing I was a nurse. The nursing program was quite easily the HARDEST thing I've ever done (I lost my mom during the 3rd semester be prepared for challenges and be prepared to sacrifice these programs don't allow for "personal" time), but I feel like I gave my self a gift by doing this. I have my dream job (I was a candy striper at 15 and have always wanted to be a RN). So yeah I'm turning 37 but ya know what I have an amazing supportive husband an awesome intelligent teenage daughter and the job of my dreams! 37 looks pretty damn good! If you're considering going back to school for nursing DO IT! I will be he hardest thing you ever do but will also be the best gift you give yourself! I'm so proud to be a nurse and join the best profession out there!
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  3. by   Been there,done that
    Congrats! Best of luck in your new position.
  4. by   Ruas61
    All the best for your start!
  5. by   NurseNanci1
    Thanks guys. I go from being completely over joyed giddy to a little petrified.. There's "I'm a nurse" = then suddenly "I'm a nurse?"
  6. by   Nyema
    Congrats!!! Good luck ahead!!
  7. by   Heidi Stiemsma
    I'm not sure what made me sign up on this website tonight, but I'm glad I read your post. I'm 39 working on a career change from Computer Science. READY!
  8. by   NurseNanci1
    Thanks Nyema! Heidi what an exciting time! Good luck! with hard work and dedication it's totally doable. I'm so grateful to my husband for making it incredibly clear to me.. Time is going to pass no matter what we can either decide to be older and happier or just older
  9. by   proud nurse
    Congrats NurseNanci1, and happy early birthday!

    I graduated last year shortly after turning 43. I wanted to do the program earlier, but life happens. I could've been an RN 5 years ago, or 1 year ago...but either way I'm an RN now. Your husband is totally correct. Time waits for no one. Sounds like you have a great support system.
  10. by   ricksy
    I went back to school at age 50. The first year, my son was in Afghanistan, was in a suicide bombing, and lost 10 friends. Somehow I passed my classes...although, I don't really know how....anyhow, I am a registered nurse of the best things I have ever done. I only wish I knew how to cure his PTSD...
  11. by   NurseNanci1
    Thanks Proud Nurse! I tried to go to school back in 1997 when I was much younger but something about "guaranteed" student loans weren't guaranteed lol. So life happened to me as well. It was my current husband who afforded me the opportunity to realize my dream. I'm also glad I now can role model for my daughter the importance of an education. Not getting my degree in nursing is something I had always regretted. I cried when I got pinned partly out of pride for my accomplishment and partly because my mom wasn't there to witness it. I can't wait for about 6 mos to pass and start to feel some routine and hopefully confidence
  12. by   NurseNanci1
    WOW Ricksy you deserve an award for that! the program is hard enough but add those additional challenges WOW! When I lost my mom I missed one clinical day the day she died. I didn't miss any other time. I kind of had to go into a denial mode to get through that semester. Losing my mom is the hardest loss I've ever had (and I've lost a spouse) it makes you grow up in ways one never really is prepared for. I am still a little nervous about how I might react/response to the first patient scenario that reminds me of her.
  13. by   IEDave
    Quote from Heidi Stiemsma
    I'm not sure what made me sign up on this website tonight, but I'm glad I read your post. I'm 39 working on a career change from Computer Science. READY!
    Ah, a fellow computer veteran! Welcome - and congrats. I'm a 50 y.o. former IT guy with a 20+ year background in the field, currently enrolled in a VN program through a local community college. Thoroughly enjoying the ride; just a matter of remembering to hit the ground running, and remembering WHY I'm doing this.

    ----- Dave
  14. by   mrsjeff
    Happy Birthday and Congrats! But when I saw " its never too late I thought you were old.....37 aint old! Try being 50! That sadly is too old to start RN.........I am thinking of starting LPN school in a month, so I will be 51 when I get out. I am willing to go for it, but I have heard rumors that LPN may be phased out. Do you know anything about that?